Wabal Hum Tv drama Cast, Story, Timing, OST, Lyrics

Wabal is a 2022 Pakistani television drama produced by Momina Duraid under the label of MD productions Pakistani channel Hum Tv. Urud Tv series include star like Talha Chahour and Sarah Khan in main lead roles. Hum Tv Show Wabal script is penned by most popular writer Qaisra Hayat and directed by Amin Iqbal. Wabaal Drama Cast, Story, Release Date, Timing and Schedule,OST, Watch Latest Episode Hum Tv 2022 is detailed below. Wabaal story revolve around desires for weath and practice of Riba (usury). wabaal drama full cast consist of mega star of Pakistani drama industry.

wabaal drama cast

The cast of Wabal drama includes Talha Shahour, Merub Ali,Hareem Sohail, Muhammad Hunbal and Sarah Khan. Merub Ali is a new gorgeous actress who done the project Sinf e Ahan. She is a talented actress.Muhammad Hunbal in the past beautifully perform in drama Serial Sang -e Mah with Atif Aslam. His role was appreciated by audience. Hareem Sohail is also act in Wabal. Baddua and Badnaseeb drama are her famous dramas. Lead role of Wabaal done by Sarah Khan. She has done a remarkable job in drama like Hum Tum, Laapata, Raqs e Bismil. Talha Sahour is in the opposite cast of Sarah Khan. Wabaal actors name are most popular in showbiz industry.Wabaal actress are most beautiful. Audience can Watch wabaal all episodes on Hum Tv.wabaal drama schedule detail is given below.

Wabaal actors name

Wabaal drama actress name

  • Talha Chahour as Faraz
  • Meerub Ali as Maham
  • Sarah Khan as Anum
  • Saleem Sheikh as Shakir
  • Shagufta Ejaz as Shagufta
  • M. Hunbal as Naveed
  • Raza Ali Abid as Gul Khan
  • Tara Mahmood as Rahat
  • Kinza Malik as Faraz mother
  • Sabiha Hashmi as Shakir mother
  • Sachal Afzal as Hammad
  • Hareem Sohail as Zarqa
  • Sohail Masood as Zarqa Father
  • Salma Qadir as Zarqa Mother
  • Nida Khan
  • Tasneem Ansari as Shamim
  • Hira Sheikh as Farzana

wabaal drama hero name

Talha Chahour is wabaal drama hero.

wabaal drama days

wabaal drama days is every saturday night.wabaal drama hum tv is a mega hit in 2022-23.

wabaal drama days and time

wabaal drama days and time is every Saturday night at 8 Pm (Pkt) on Hum Tv. wabaal drama timing and day is every saturday night at 8 Pm.

wabaal drama release date

wabaal drama release date is august 2022. wabal drama timing is 8 Pm

wabaal drama how many episodes

wabaal drama 23 episodes on air on hum tv.wabaal drama timing is 40 minutes.

wabaal drama total episodes

wabaal drama total episodes will be 26.

wabaal drama teaser

wabal drama teaser is very best.

wabaal drama writer

wabaal drama writer is Qaisra Hayat. Wabaal drama is derive from Wabal novel.

wabaal drama wikipedia

From wabal drama wikipedia you can get every detail information.

wabaal drama youtube

you can watch on line wabaal drama youtube official channel of hum tv.

wabaal drama trailer

wabaal drama hum tv trailer is most fascinating.

wabaal drama last episode

wabaal drama last episode is very emotional.

wabaal drama latest episode

wabal drama latest episode is episode 23 telecast on hum tv feburary 04 2023.

Talha Chahour as Faraz

Talha Chahour is a Pakistani actor. Talha has work in Pakistani theatre and Tv series.


Talha chahour born in 10 December 1997

Home Town

Talha Home Town is Rahim Yar Khan Punja Pakistan


Talha is graduated in Political Science in 2018 from GC University Lahore.

Talha Debut Drama

Talha Chahour start his career from 2021-22 political thriller drama Jo Bichar Gaye. He perform the role of Capt Z I Farukh. He won 21st Lux Style Awards for his mega performances in Showbiz drama Jo Bichar Gaye as Best Emerging Talent.

Recent dramas

Talha is currently act in Wabaal Hum Tv drama

Latest and Upcoming dramas

Talha will be playing a role in Pakistani Urdu Tv drama Janat Say Agey as Farooq and Manat Murad as Murad in upcoming dramas. He is a good addition to Pakistani drama inustry.

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is a Pakistani television actress and model. Sarah Khan age is 30 years. She born in 14 July 1992 in Medina Saudi Arabia. Sarah Khan is graduated from University of Karachi. Sara Home Town is Karachi. Sarah married to singer Falak Shabbir in July 2020. Sarah has one daughter. She starts her career in Pakistani Entertainment industry from Hum Tv serial Badi Apa in 2012. Khan latest drama is Wabaal for Hum Tv channel in 2022.Noor Zafar Khan is her sister which is a good addition to Pakistani Fashion Industry. In 2016 She won Hum Awards for Best Supporting Actress. She is nominated for Hum Awards for several times. Sarah Khan was Recognize as BBC’s 100 Women of 2014. Sabaat,Alvida, Mohabbat Aag Si, Belapur Ki Dayan, Nazr e Bad are her most popular Pakistani Tv dramas.

Merub Ali Wabaal Drama Heroine

Merub Ali is a Pakistani television actress and Fashion model. She is a huge name in Pakistani fashion industry. Merub born in 23 January 1996. Merub is 27 years old. Merub Ali Home Town is Lahore. Merub Religion is Islam. Merub Ali Zodiac Sign is Aquarius. Merub is graduated from University of Central Punjab Lahore. Merub is not married and engaged to famous Pakistani singer Asim Azhar. Merub father is Yousaf Ali Mohammad. Merub Mother is Rozina Khan. Merub has two brother. Sibling names are Zawair Ali & Ramais Ali.wabaal drama new timing is good.

Sachal Afzal Wabaal Drama Hero

Sachal Afzal is a Pakistani actor and fashion model. Sachal Hometown is Gujranwala. He graduated from Government College Lahore and LLB from Punjab University Lahore. He lives in Karachi. Sachal has not married yet. Sachal debut drama is Bakhtawar in 2022.

Saleem Sheikh Wabaal Tv Series

Saleem Sheikh is a Pakistani Film and Television actor. He made his debut in showbiz industry PTV drama. He is most famous for Sunehray Din PTV Drama. He was born in March 15 1967. He is now 55 years old. He married to Nousheen Sheikh in 1999. Pakistani Famous Tv, Film actor Javed Sheik is his brother. Safeena Sheikh is his sister. Nashmia Saleem is his daughter. Saleem made his debut with PTV drama serial Muhabbat Ka Sodagar. Chief Sab is his famous Pakistani film. Saleem has won several lux style awards. Rahain is his notable Urdu drama. Wabaal is his latest and recent drama series.

Shagufta Ejaz Wabaal Drama

Shagufta Ejaz born 5 May 1971 is a Pakistani actress, working in the Urdu film and Television Industry. She was born in Kunjah, District Gujrat. She debut her career in PTV Home serials. She also acts in Punjabi films. Shagufta starts her career in showbiz industry with Jangloos Urdu drama. Shagufta Ejaz is married to Yahya Siddiqi. Shagufta has four daughters. She has won several awards and nominations.wabaal drama new episode is so sad.

Wabaal Drama Story

Wabaal drama plot revolve around the Sarah Khan as Anum. Anum is an over desire girl who wants a extra luxurious life by hook or by crook this is the main tale of her mistakes that she done in life. She is very materialistic in this drama. She wants to rich legal and illegal mean. There are many characters who earn their wealth with haram method. Story focus on “usury” issue. Its How poor people were trapped by usury. Usury is a curse in Islam. This is a unique story line. Usury is the evil in Pakistan Society. It reflect how our society behave in such a disgusting usury enviroment. Its a moral story. So far the Wabal team has done a justice of their work. Viewers are very impressive of this drama. These type of drama will prove the culture of typical love story. In my opinion its a super duper storylin, perfect direction, production and marvelous acting by every one.

wabaal drama poster

Wabal drama poster is very entertaining.wabaal drama promo is superb hit.

wabaal drama review

Wabal drama review is getting popular in audience. Critics has applause the story.

wabaal drama rating

wabaal drama rating is 8 out of 10 due to its plot and story.

Pakistani Drama Wabaal OST Lyrics

Talha Chahour latest drama Wabaal OST Lyrics

wabaal drama ost lyrics is heart touching . Pakistani singers sung with beautiful voices of Yashal Shahid & Naveed Nashad. Composed by Naveed Nashad and Lyrics given by Kanwar Nashad. Wabaal drama ost download from hum tv website.wabal drama ost is mind blowing.

wabaal drama ost lyrics

wabaal drama song is very sad.wabaal drama song mp3 download from youtube.

Tu Jhala Kamla Nimana Aye Fir Kis Gall Da Panga Tu Pana Ae

Na Mthy lg Awen Tu Dunia De Aye Dangal ithy hi muk jana Ae

Yeh Khwaish Bhwar Hen Jo Rukti Ni Dua He Ye Asi Jo Jagti Ni

Mrzi me teri to kch b ni bundya o bundya Na kr apni

Har Su Khuda Ha Tu Kuch Bhi Ni

Dil ki Tamana Ha Chand Bi Tor Lein

Taron Ki Chamak Ko Daman Mein Jorh Lein

Chahaton K Darya Me Behna He Agar

Soda Kar Le Apna Khushian Nichor Lein

Ye khwaish Bhawar Hai Jo Rukti Nai

Dua He Ye Asi Jo Lgti Ni

Marzi Mein Teri Tu kuch Bhi Ni

Bandya O Bandya Na Kr Apni

Her Su Khuda Ha Tu Kuch Bhi Ni

Bandya O Bandya Na Kr Apni

Her Su Khuda Ha Tu Kuch Bhi Ni

Apne Dil Da Mehram Na Bann

Rab De Vi Tu Manneya Kar

Us Ne Bakshi Naimat Dadhee

Kalyaa Bay Kay Ginya Kar

Khwaishen Hain Sazishen Swal Karengi

Teri Khudi Ko Baich K Wabaal Karengi

O Pal Pal Maray Ga Aik Pal K Liye

Zindagi ko is Qadar Mohal karengi

Ye Khwaish Bhawar Hai jo Rukti Nahi

Dua He Ye Asi Jo Lagti Nahi

Marzi Mein Teri kuch Bi Nhi

Bandeya O Bandeya Na Ker Apni

Har Su Tu khuda Ha Tu Kuch Bhi Nhi

Bandeya O Bandeya Na Ker Apni

Har Su Tu khuda Ha Tu Kuch Bhi Nhi

Tu Jhalla e Kamala Nimana Aey

Fir kis Gall Da Panga Tu Paana Aey

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