10 Mouthwatering Pakistani Recipes in Urdu

Some Top Pakistani Recipes

Pakistani food is generally very delicious and spicy.It consist of oily foods,oily foods,roasted and steamed recipes.We can find that in Pakistani recipes are countless and consist of vegetables, dry nuts,fruits,rice,fish, chicken,beef, mutton,oil.

Chapli Kebab Recipe

It is a special dish of Pakistan belongs to KPK, Peshawar.The real taste of chapli kebab is lot yummier than current styles.Its ingredients are green chillies, tomatoes, garlic,ginger,pomegranate seed, fresh beef,hot spices.People are crazy to eat them with salad, nan,rice,chapatti.

Haleem Recipe

Haleem is one of the special Pakistani recipes.It is made up of chicken,beef or mutton. We can eat with chapatti, Nan or rice or spoon.Haleem with onions,ginger,chillies and lemon becomes delicious.

Shami Kebab Recipe

We use ground beef for this purpose. You need spices,grains,fresh meat.It is a fried item. You can taste with biryani,any curry or chapatti.It has huge calories.

Chicken Karahi Recipe

It is very popular in every city of Pakistan. People love to eat it with Chapatti, Nan and rice. The juicy spices and chicken make it so awesome.It has lots of healthy nutrients,chillies make it spicy.Generally it is costly in hotel but you can save money to cook in home.

Roast Beef Recipe

The roast beef is very famous and tasty.It has ingredients like garlic paste, ginger,hot spices sauces.Huge and small steaks are better for roasting.However marinate the beef well. You can roast in oven or coals.

Ground Beef Recipe

Ground Beef for Kebabs, Sandwiches, Pizza.Various Pakistani food consist of ground beef,vegetables.The fried ground beef with garlic,ginger,tomato,yogurt is delicious.You can eat shami kebab, seekh with ground beef.

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe

It is also a popular Pakistani dish.You can eat with chapatti,naan or rice.It is so yummy in taste.It consist of eggs,chicken cubes, tomatoes,sauce,green chillies.


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