Best AI-Powered Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Chrome is one of the best powerful web browsers. However AI Tools help to increase your productivity online.


Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that provide user with Grammar suggestions, editing tools and checks.It is best to writing toolkit to ensure accurate text and error free.Text Generation ability through Grammarly offer a swift and simple method to improve the quality of any content.

Grammarly Chrome extension permit you to use tools on various platforms.Your writing is alway concise and to the point.You can create replies on Linkedin and Gmail. Grammarly help you to safe your time when editing and elevate your work. Grammarly premium includes a tone settings, writing improvement facility and plagiarism checker.It suggest tone changes and detects unclear senetences.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a superb content generator that assist you generate multi types of content including copy,email campaigns, ads,social media captions, newsletter and blog posts.It is best marketing tools for upselling sales and engaging audiences.

Jasper chrome extension can be used on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.It also integrate with platforms like Slack and Google Docs.Jasper editing help you to better your content writing. Jasper assist you to change text tones or translate into a various languages and length.


Wiseone is an AI tool that assist your web reading experience.As a reader you face difficulty of understanding meaning of some words this tool make it easy for you.Wiseone clear your concept.It is beneficial for research and reading.

ChatGPT for Youtube

ChatGPT for Youtube is a chrome extension that facilitate text summaries for YouTube videos for you.Once downloaded you can view a summary of any video after which you can copy the text to a various platfomr.You can use it watching study video as a note taking process.You can scan the content of a video before watching and getting through videos swiftly.


Upword is an AI reading assistant which help you take notes and create summaries form online content.You can take notes from Youtube videos so you do not have to watch them till end.You can decrease any lengthy piece of writing into simple points and scan lengthy text with ease and read faster.Up word extension is free to use and you can generate notes easily.Its organization tools make it possible to control notes from multi sites by adding them to your library.

ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT is an AI tool is a language model that generate fascinating results various fields of interests and learning. ChatGPT for Google is a chrome extension that integrates ChatGPT insight into your search results.It can also beneficial to detecting errors as AI generated responses are usually prone to such items.You can select to have the ChatGPT response displayed on every search.


Research work can be time consuming and hard.There is large amount of information that must be evaluated and analyzed.It uses AI to present the summaries as flashcards making them easy to comprehend.Scholarcy extension is free you need a subscription plan to access its library.You can store your flashcards and organize them to access easy.Scholarcy assist you to view reference webpages and articles saving your time.

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