WWE, Netflix make Deal to Mov Monday Night Raw to Streamer beginning in 2025

In a mega show WWE has make a deal with Netflix that will view its weekly live pro wrestling show start airing on the streaming monster starting in January 2025. This will become history in three decade that Raw has not telecast new episode on simple tv network.

WWE’s current deal with NBCUniversal has Raw airing on USA Network until October 2024. Raw will air between the end of that deal and starting of the Netflix deal is still being determined.

According to news outlet deal is valued at $500 million per year and runs for 10 years. WWE current 5 year deal for Raw with NBCU Universal is almost $250-260 million per year.

This deal is transformative Mark Shapiro President and COO of WWE parent Company TKo It marries the cant miss WWE product with Netflix extraordinary reach and lock in significant economics for various years.

Under the deal Netflix become the home of Raw in the UK, US, Canada and Latin America, other territories once the deal start with countries and regions to be be added over time. Netflix will also become television home for all WWE shows outside the US. It includes SmackDown, NXT as well as annual live events like Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, WrestleMania, additional projects and orginal series.

Netflix has engineered a track record for storytelling.Nick Khan told. WWE president “We believe Netflix as one of the world leadin entertainment brands, is the ideal long term home for Raw’s live ever growing fan base and loyal.

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