When does the new Fortnite Season Start Date and start time of Season 2 Chapter 5

Few time ago we contemplated what new Fortnite theme would be before discovering that it would be set in Greece.

More details have emerged in time since then and we can express without fear of wrong that the original reports were accurate.

It is not news that we have been made aware of due to Epic Games has given us everything we know about the start date of aforementioned season.

Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 5 will begin and Marca brings you all details about what will happen afterwards.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Start time and date

The new season of Epic Games 3rd person shooter will begin on Friday March 8 at 8 CET.Itis start in US between 6-8 am ET.

In Argentina start time moves to 4 while in Venezuela it would be 3. It may take longer due to update time this is time at which previous season will end.

This new season will arrive new features the most striking will be skins.

With this new season Epic Games to attract both regular player and those who no longer dedicate so much time it back to table.

The fact is that we will not have to wait too long before we can immerse ourselves in new season of Fortnite.At time of writing the countdown has start and little more than a week left before start date.

Persona is rumoured to be next Fornite collaboration

Epic Games Fortnite has number of high profile collaboration and next could be SEGA Atlus beloved Persona series. The rumour is backed up by known SEGA Atlus leaker who announced various undeclared Persona games in past.

According to news Epic Games in past Chapter 5 Season 2 is rumored to include following things

  • 4 Mythics
  • Zeus Ability with 3 stages
  • Gold Apple
  • Cerberus Shotgun
  • Olympus POI
  • Kratos Returning with Atreus.

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