Play Super Mario 65 forever with this cool looking fan made mod

Wish you could play Super Mario 64 but you are bored of same old levels? A fan made mod that generates levels might be what you are looking for.

Super Mario 64 is not a timeless game given its clunky controls and funky level design it was one that I imagine will play forever.It is the blueprint for so much of 3D gaming being the very 1st 3D Nintendo title and gaming industry would not be same without.

You can take a look at mod in action above titled infinite Mario 64 which shows a different generated levels in action. Right off the bat you can see that they are all a bit rudimentary.They are basic slopes and shapes with coin and blocks scattered about.

The main aim is to make it to end of a level and get you a star what kind of a level would it be without a shiny sentient star?

It is a cool looking project if you desire to put your Mario 64 skills to test.It looks a great shout for those of you patiently waiting for a follow up to 2017 Super Mario Odyssey.

It is probably the Switch 3 launches and knows when a 3D Mario drop.

A new Super Mario 64 fan game has launched which asks queries what if you could play Mario 64 forever?

A Infinite Mario 64 as new fan project is called is a PC based that uses a plugin by Braw Mario to implement libsm64 into Godot Engine to create a Super Mario 64 level generator.

Recently declared on Twitter is the work of TwilightPB and was made publicly in v0.1. The reason TwilightPB gives for this is that enemy behaviour is not included with libsm64 and would need to be recreated from scratch.

The game is still worth taking a look at as it allows players to run around freshly 3D enviroments with Super Mario 64 move set collecting coins and attempting to reach star randomly positioned within the leve.

You can snatch early version of game now from You need to place an unmodified Super Mario 64 NTSC ROM in game directory for work.

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