What Is OpenAI Playground. How to Use ChatGPT in OpenAI Playground

OpenAI playground is easily available and anyone can use the language model.You can get access by creating an account and moving to the OpenAI playground for free.You do not coding expertise to OpenAI playground.

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What is OpenAI Playground?

OpenAI playground permits users to explore and experiment with OpenAI artificial intelligence model including GPT-3.OpenAI playground is a tool and have various options and flexibiilty that permit for the testing of models. ChatGPT is the front facing implementation of GPT-3 and GPT-4 permitting users to interact with language model and generate responses.

Create an Account

Move to OpenaI and click get started

Input your email and a mobile number and answer a question why you want to use OpenAI

Click playground from the navigation menu. It will move to you Chat mode page

Enter a Prompt

To use GPT-3 you need to enter known as prompt.A prompt could be a question to which the model will generate a completion.First Click on drop down menu under Mode and select complete.Type your prompt into the large empty text box then click submit.Wait a few second and it will get you an answer.

You can experience with the Edit mode you can use to submit a check for grammatical errors and text.Best prompts are specific and give context to help GPT-3 a good answer.

Keep Track of Your OpenAI Playground

In the top right corner of the page click on Personal> Manage account then click usage from the navigation bar on the left.Tokens are used to get the fees and they are based on how many characters you use in a prompt.


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