How to Plan a Trip to Walt Disney World

When you are planning to Disney Trip keep the costs of hotels, rental cars, tickets park, cost of flights in mind.More than 58 million in the world visit world disney park.Here is some tip to save your money while visiting Disney World.

Book Disney World Hotels

There are more than 30 Disney owned hotels at Disney World.Deluxe hotels,Disney Grand Floridian Resort & Spa which initiates at $780.During the low season $128 per night at the the affordable Disney All Star properties.Orlando average rate room is just $186 about 33% less than Cheapest Disney resort.Orlando is full of hotels off Disney Property that you can using cash or points.You can find rooms as $32 per night on a weekend.You can find a few properties with in walking distance of Disney Parks.There are various options from Hilton,Marriott, Hyatt.

Search and Book Cheap Hotels

Orlando International Airport is the near airport to Disney World.You have to cover 20 minutes distance by car.20 various airlines operated with more than 600 flights per day.

During High Season airfare is costly than off season rates. Budget airlines like Frontier and Spirit also offers flight to Orlando. This airline fare is less costly however carry on bag and seat selection cost your discount.You have several options from American,United,Alaska,Delta you can find various flights per day from each carrier.

Budget for Disney Meals

You can reduce the Disney World cost of food such as pack your own meals.Disney permit that guests are permit to bring beverages and food into the parks with no glass containers.Average disney world meal price per person per meal at counter cart is $20 or Deluxe restaurant is $95 and moderate restaurant is $59.

Expensive Theme Park Tickets.

Disney World Theme Park tickets are expensive.Cost can vary with multi tickets costing less per day on a single day ticket.Average one day one park ticket price is $160.Genie + add on otpion for Moderate and Deluxe trip initiate at $15.


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