6 Reasons Why ChatGPT Became the Fastest Growing App of All Time

ChatGPT free access user friendliness with its community driven speed have made it accessible to thousands. Usefulness of ChatGPT have been the main parts in its rapid progress appealing in multiple industries.ChatGPT managed to gain the market with in artificial intelligence space.

Is ChatGPT the Swift Progressing App of All time?

According to survey ChatGPT is the fastest growing app in internet history.The data showed that ChatGPT had around 25 million daily visits out of which 13 million were unique.ChatGPT has gained 100 million users in just 2.5 months while facebook done this progress in 4.5 years, Instagram needs a 2.5 years.ChatGPTs growth is purely organic and impressive.ChatGPT had to gain users with no existing platforms.Release and Meteoric rise of the Meta owned threads microblogging platform challenge its narrative.Threads by Meta gained around 1oo million users in less than a week.

ChatGPT captured the public attention and forced 100 million signs up in a short period of time.Thread uses instagram platform for its growth.

ChatGPT is Free

ChatGPT is free and easy to use.OpenAI other AI text generator tool has existed long before ChatGPT and available at the GPT playground.ChatGPT is ease of use, zero cost and accessibility.With a phone number and an email you can sign up for ChatGPT account.

Capture Human Imagination

ChatGPT gain people imagination what coluld be done with AI. It create miracle in artificial intelligence space.

ChatGPT is Community Driven

ChatGPT secret growth is community driven.The most of mobile app and web app is done by ad campaign.ChatGPT growth is done by people sharing their experience with their community. by using twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

Timing of Artificial Intelligence Era

ChatGPT growth came in progressive era of artificial intelligence.AI is subject of speculation on internet for last several years.AI tools like Dall-E 2 is in progress.


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