What is MetaAI? Can It Compete with other Chatbots?

Meta has publicly announced the launch of its own chatbot, Meta AI.Amazon, OpenAI, Google and Microsoft are involve in a nail biting competition of AI.Social Mediahttps://marcopolosports.com/bing-chat-vs-chatgpt-what-is-the-best-generative-ai-chatbot-how-to-use-chatgpt-and-bing-chat/ big fish has open up MetaAI giving strong reply to Google Bard, OpenAI ChatGPT.There is a question in every facebook user mind how good is MetaAI and will it compete with other AI chatbots.Meta has finally broken up its silent on Artificial Intelligence race announcing Meta AI.

What is MetaAI?

MetaAI is an AI powered personal assistant that made for performing actions such as creating images,answer to queries based on natural language prompts.MetaAI is a latest version of Meta Liama 2 large language model.Liama 2 is an open source language model used by AI platforms such as Poe.com and Quora.MetaAI will be integrated into Meta message apps like Whatsapp, Instagram and Messenger.MetaAI is also available in a orthodox chatbot interface like Google Bard.

MetaAI also help to Meta other AI technologies like its EMU Expressive Media Union, image generation model.MetaAI can generate stickers within Whatsapp or generate images with MetaAI chatbot. Meta Liama2 is not the advanced AI models.LIama 2 model in some area act same as PaLM 2 and GPT-4.

Can MetaAI Compete with Other AI Chatbots?

The AI chatbot system has huge competition.To conquer the AI chatbot market is herculean task with the competitor already present like of Claude AI, Bard, ChatGPT. Meta has superb edge over its competitor.A huge user base integrated into its product enviroment.MetaAI could blast with billion of users just by entry into Meta existing user.MetaAI will be integrated into messaging apps like Messenger and Whatsapp.Meta is generating the popular future of its AI features.AI will be transformed from all in one chatbot method towards integration of AI tools.

Will Meta Be a Boom or Flop?

Meta with its unique AI features of personalize chatbots, niche are sensational concept that will attract billion of meta users.The future of AI assistants is far better than one sided one size chats platforms.Meta with best integration with its enviroment will drive users.

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