How to Sign Up For and Start Using Claude AI Chatbot What is Claude 2?

Google Sponsored AI company Anthropic has released an updated Claude 2 language model.First time Google backed company AI research, security company launched a public facing platform to get the AI model.Anthropic has released Claude 2. Anthropic Claude AI Chatbot detail of sign up and start is given;

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What Is Claude 2?

Claude 2 is not an AI Chatbot.It is an underlying AI model that assist the Claude AI chatbot.Anthropic response to OpenAI GPT and Google PaLM large language models with Claude 2 large language models.The Claude AI chatbot is a public facing chatbot that facilitate an interactive interface for user to interact with the Claude 2 AI model.Anthropic is very keen and cautious about the publicity of Claude AI chatbot.It is one of the advance AI chatbot in market.It has been available to public recently.

Start Using Anthropic Claude AI

Anthropic Claude AI is assist you for writing code, have conversation, various plenty of things and answer your queries.Claude is a versatile in its feature.This is best option if you looks for balance in usefulness and with various opportunities.It is quite superb in its feature and represent a awesome alternative to any of the major AI chatbots.There are plenty of AI chatbots you can use as an alternative.

How to Sign Up for Claude AI

To use Claude AI you have to sign up for a Claude AI on the Claude Website.The public phase is only available for UK and US customer at present.Some VPN can access you Claude AI Website.If you are using a PC ZenMate VPN chrome extension is a tested option on chrome.IF you use Android there are Android browser with built in VPN.Once you access and sign up for Claude website you should be able to get reach to the AI chatbot easily.

Anthropic Claude AI chatbot can write you email, resumes, articles and summarize text which you desire.


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