Google PaLM 2 vs Open AI GPT-4 Is Google PaLM 2 better than Open AI GPT-4 What’s the Difference?

PaLM 2 brings huge update to Google LLM. Google is going harder to compete OpenAI GPT-4.Google show case its new generation language model PaLM 2 on May 10, 2023.It new LLM gives a fierce competition to its arch rival Open AI GPT-4. What is the difference between PaLM2 and GPT-4.Artificial Intelligence is one of the most interesting and swiftly evolving fields of current day technology.Natural Language Processing (NLP) is one of the impactful application of AI.NLP is the feature of machine to create natural language like of text,speech and understanding them.

All NLP models are not created equal.Various models have various weaknesses and strengths, depending on how they are evaluated,trained and designed.NLP has several potential uses like voice assistant,summarizes,translator, chatbots and many more.Two of the well advanced and famous NLP models are Google PaLM 2 and ChatGPT 4.In this blog we will compare Google PaLM 2 and ChatGPT 4 in reference of their performance, data training, capabilities.

Google PaLM 2

Google PaLM 2 is the latest in Google language model series.It can increase understanding of text and generation, predicting next tokens based on previous one.Google PaLM 2 released in May 2023 with 200 Billion parameters in the Google PaLM Series.Google PaLM 2 work on pathways architecture uses parallel paths to process tokens. Google PaLM2 has advanced features like greater scalability and rapid interference.It has greater speed to perform tasks such as ranking,verification, retrieval, synthesis, graph tasks and fact checking.You need to be very careful when using Google PaLM 2. It has draw backs of fairness,robustness related, limited interpretation and complexity.Google PaLM 2 is very good in cross lingual,mathematical and logical task.PaLM 2 is capable of performing task like of coding, mathematics, answer queries,translational and categorization.

ChatGPT 4

ChatGPT is a generative language model that is capable in OpenAI ChatGPTseries.It can create text based on input and pre trained on diverse data.ChatGPT 4 release in Feburary 2023 with 175 billion parameters.Compare to its predecessor it is best in creativity, diversity and text quality.ChatGPT built on the transformer architecture.ChatGPT 4 draw back is that it is less accurate, not consistent, not follow the ethics producing offensive and misleading content on sensitive subject.Hunam sight and carefulness is needed when uses.ChatGPT 4 provide entertainment with humour, gaming and storytelling.ChatGPT 4 excel in tasks like testing, answer the queries, suggestion, explanation, educational.It is very great in content creation,analysis, summarization and translation.

ChatGPT 4 vs Google PaLM 2

ChatGPT 4 and Google PaLM 2 are large scale language models.Their performance in various NLP task and achievement is superb.They are quite different to each other. They have different limitations, applications, capabilities, features and architectures.They also have different challenges and opportunities, power and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantage.Therefore it is very necessary to compare Google PaLM 2 and ChatGPT 4 based on various dimensions and criteria.

GPT-4 and PaLM 2 Chatbots and Services

Google has announced that PaLM 2 integrates into 25 Google Products including youtube and android. Google AI feature and PaLM 2 will include in Google Sheets, Gmail and Slides.You can access both LLM from Chatbots GPT-4 ChatGPT and PaLM 2 Bard.GPT-4 has disadvantage only premium user can access it. Free user only get the feature of GPT 3.5. Bard is free and available across 180 countries. Microsoft Bing AI Chat uses GPT-4 for free and available to Bing search. Microsoft has also brought AI features to Microsoft services and various programs.Both LLM in similar services fight with each other a nail biting competition.

PaLM 2 is open source and it is free so there is more chance that is widely accepted by user than GPT-4. When comes with option of research latest
data and information on internet Bard is best.Bard uses 40 languages it is better in quality,coding and accuracy. GPT-4 has advantage of first come.GPT-4 has not made any serious blunder.Original Bard is using LLM from third party developers and there is lot of chance of mistakes which actually happens.

PaLM 2 and GPT-4 Performance Difference

PaLM 2 is an improve version of PaLM.PaLM 2 greatest feature is that it is available in smaller sizes. GPT-4 has not that facility. These different sizes have their own smaller models called unicorn,Bison Gecko and Otter. Unicorn is the largest model and Gecko is the smallest one. PaLM 2 is better at Math solving problems.Google said that PaLM-2 is better in reasoning and solving logic queries. PaLM 2 real advantage over GPT-4 is its size. Gecko can perform on mobile devices without internet connection.This gives PaLM 2 an upper hand over GPT-4 when talk about deployment and accessibility.

PaLM 2 and GPT-4 Training Data, Size and Availability

PaLM 2 training data set is less toxic. It does not include hate speech or toxic attitude. PaLM 2 model has been trained over 100 languages.It has best translation features and contextual understanding. GPT-4 training data is public available data and the data licensed. There is no restriction of hate speech or toxic data. Google report that PaLM 2 training data is larger.Google stress on logic, reasoning, math and science when training PaLM 2. Google claim that PaLM 2 training data is gather from books, math, web documents.GPT-4 has advantage of producing high quality answers and nuances of languages. ChatGPT 4 dataset is huge.PaLM 2 is available in smaller size you can access with less power hardware.PaLM 2 is freely available and ChatGPT-4 is currently available with paid version.

Google PaLM 2 and ChatGPT 4 have different criteria and levels of training data,availability,size depending on the context and the domain.Both ChatGPT 4 and Google PaLM 2 has a huge and diverse training data and its trained on multimodal and large data which is consist of various sources like social media, websites and books. Google PalM 2 has 200 billion parameters while ChatGPT 4 has 175 billion parameters.

ChatGPT 4 and Google PaLM 2 has restricted availability.Both are not publicly available.They can only be accessed through API and privately which requires approval and application.They both are more costly requires lot of resources and computation to run and maintain.

Reasoning, Logic and Math Skills

Google PaLM 2 and ChatGPT 4 have various aspects and levels of logic, math skills, reasoning depending on the context, domain and task.ChatGPT 4 is greater in creative tasks. Google PaLM 2 is superb in mathematical, knowledge base apps and logics.Google PaLM 2 is superb in math skills, logic and reasoning in complex situation making it more reliable in producing correct content, rational, logical specially in clear contexts.ChatGPT 4 good in performing basic operations it is unable to solve complex tasks.Especially in unclear or complex situation ChatGPT 4 produces illogical content and inconsistencies.

Conversational and Multilingual Capabilities

Multilingual capabilities means the ability to understand and generate texts in various languages like of Espanol, Deutsch, English and others.Conversational capabilities means the ability to create engaging conversation based on the user input and context. Google PaLM 2 and ChatGPT 4 can be compared on multilingual and conversational capabilities.

Google PaLM 2 is superb in generation accurate,and rational texts, knowledge base and logical tasks.It has restricted ability to generate multilingual or conversational texts.It is good in producing informational content. Google PaLM 2 has limited capabilities to create conversation contrast to ChatGPT-4.Google PaLM 2 is not creative, less diverse, unnatural in multilingual and conversation task. Google PaLM 2 is very efficient in creating rational and accurate information text in multilingual and conversational task.

ChatGPT 4 conversational ability is very efficient and it works on larger data.ChatGPT 4 is inaccurate,inconsistent in controversial,dynamic or complex contexts.It may generate offensive,inconsistent,misleading or outdated content with malicious or complex prompts.You should use it very cautiously.ChatGPT 4 is very versatile in multilingual and conversational capabilities.It can generate engaging texts in different formats, language, genres and styles.

Google PaLM 2: The Next Big Gun of AI Language Models

Google PaLM 2 is the Google latest introduction in the field of AI. Google PaLM 1 is the talk of the town in the past.Now its successor Google PaLM 2 model determine to overcome ChatGPT 4 in generative feature.The progress in PaLM 2 are specifically known in language adaptation capabilities and its ability to adjust a various range of devices.

Google PaLM2: Versatile Capabilities

Device Adjustment

Google PaLM 2 integrate and perform maximum on laptop, smartphones or tablets and other devices offering end user relax and consistent experience across various multiple platforms.

Multilingual Efficiency

Google PaLM 2 is fluent in more than 100 languages.This characteristic makes it number one choice for linguistic diversity and world communication.

ChatGPT 4: Conversational AI

ChatGPT 4 mission is to make achievement in interactive dialogue generation.ChatGPT 4 brings the new advancement in the field of conversational AI. ChatGPT 4 is own by OpenAI. Google PaLM 2 stress on device adjustment and multilingualism.

Comparative Analysis: Google PaLM 2 vs ChatGPT 4

  • Training Data Size Google PaLM 2 is capable of 1 trillion parameters while ChatGPT 4 only 135 Billion parameters
  • Google PaLM 2 fluent in more than 100 languages. While ChatGPT 4 supports a various languages.
  • ChatGPT 4 can generate various language styles.Google PaLM 2 can adapt to regional dialects and informal speech.
  • ChatGPT has model size of 350 GB and Google PaLM 2 has size of 723 GB.

Can PaLM 2 Compete GPT-4

It is early to say that PaLM 2 can beat GPT-4 in AI war. Google is tech giant so they will take on GPT-4 in every field. Google also working Gemini AI multimodal. It is alarming signal for GPT-4.PaLM 2 is smaller model an edge over GPT-4. But GPT-4 is quite remarkable than PaLM-2 on other feature. PaLM can support different devices which GPT-4 can not handle in future.Google PaLM 2 is smaller but remarkable for speaking various languages and working basic tasks.Chat GPT-4 is good in general jobs like of answering question and chatting.To chose the right model totally depend on what you need it for.

Google is not far behind in AI race. Google is working day and night to beat OpenAI GPT. So we will see new revolution in AI industry in coming days. It is better for humanity.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing is the discipline of computer science that deals with manipulating, creating and understanding natural languages like of text and speech.

What is the main Difference Between ChatGPT 4 and Google PaLM 2?

Google PaLM 2 is a multi task model that can do natural language text classification, summarization,understanding and creation based on various techniques and domains.ChatGPT-4 is a text generation model that can generate natural language for every task based on context or prompt.


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