What Is AI Regulation? Who Should Regulate AI?

AI progress is growing swiftly, but million dollar question is who should guide AI and its effect on the world? The government, customers and tech companies all users have a key role in regulating AI,however each approach has its limitations.Tech industry associations, academic institutions, law enforcement agencies and media outlets also involve to the regulation of AI.

The common man has various point of views on AI some believe machine is a fad and other view AI will change human workers. AI needs tough monitoring.

who should regulate AI?

AI Developers, Laboratories and Tech Companies

There is one section of the community who believes tech companies head regulations.They believe developers should be responsible for the tech they release.Self regulation help them to enhance innovation and focus on advancing these systems efficiently.Their understanding of AI will assist make neutral, informed guidance priortizing user protection.

However the negative point rais with tech companies regulating themselves is that they might overuse their power.With no intervening third party they are free to do whatever they desire.

Government Bodies

Large majority from end users to tech leaders, hope the government will regulate AI.Publicly funded organizations have the resources to do so.Elon Musk point of view that some privacy concerns surrounding AI are too dangerous for governing bodies to monitor.

One negative issue with the government regulating AI is that it might adhere innovation.AI is a developing technology unless the officials misunderstand how AI works they might take inefficient decisions.The government should protect civile liberties and constituent privacy if it monitor AI regulation.

End Users

Government and Private organization will abuse AI systems.They might quarrel over power than work toward efficient regulation.


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