QLED vs. OLED vs. LED: Which Should You Buy? What Is the Difference?

Display technologies has undergone a miraculous development from large CRT TVs to plasma TVs.New TV technologies like OLED and QLED have also rise to huge popularity due to their massive picture quality.In recent prices have declined making them massive accessible to the public.

  • QLED TVs uses a Quantum dot player to emit a brighter and more accurate white light compared to traditional LED backlights, resulting in precise colors and vibrant.
  • LED TVs use LED lights as their light source, providing control over the and permit various levels of color intensity and brightness.
  • OLED TVs have individual pixels that emit their own light, providing infinite contrast ratios and the blacks.

Buying a new TV?If you are thinking buying a TV, the various numbers of technologies and options can be confusing.Every technology has its advantage and disadvantage.As the price difference between mid range and high end TVs diminishes, choosing the best TV technology gets more dizzying.Today most astonished televisions are QLED, LED and OLED TVs.So let.s find these TV technologies and differentiate them.


An OLED display works like an LED display but with some difference.The key difference OLED TVs have over QLED and LED TVs is how they produce light.The individual pixels on OLED TVs emit light themselves.In OLED special construct diodes


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