Top 30 Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2024

The digital era has made cybersecurity a huge concern for individuals and businesses.As 2024 draws closer we show the cybersecurity development and threats play a massive role in our New Year Celebrations.With the Digital development around small or large business organizations, individuals and governments are dependent on computerized systems to manage daily activities.This make cybersecurity a premier aim to protect data from various online attacks.News story about mega cyberattacks look like a daily routine and cybersecurity has become significant for safety.In 2023 United Kingdom had 40% increase of cybercrime victims.

As 2024 approaches there are number of cybersecurity tends and predictions to be watch out for.Continous changes in technologies also put a parallel change in cybersecurity trend as news of ransomware, data breach and hacks become the traditions.Increase your skills with marvelous security courses for comprehensive safety.

30 Cybersecurity Risks, Trends and Predictions for 2024

Mobile is the New Target

Cybersecurity trends provide a huge increase for mobile banking attacks in 2023 making our cellphone a vulnerable items for hackers.All our financial transactions, messages, emails,photos more danger to businesses and individuals.Handheld device malware or viruse may seek the attention of cybersecurity trends in 2024.

The Targeting of Windows WSL and WSA Emulation Layers

There have been various targets of malware hitting the WSL layer in various Windows in recent years.This layer is broadly used by system developers and administrators and the reach of graphical support under Android WSA and WSP is enhancing more Windows 11 to use these system layers.This is huge probability cybercriminals searching to find new outlets for botnets and Linux malware.

Continued Topical Email Scams

Scammers use current event to take advantage of innocent people.There is huge scam arises from COVID-19 pandemic.Now Israel-Palestine conflict and The Russia -Ukraine War have also been used 2023 to grab money out of victims through social engineering.

International State Sponsored Attackers

Organization must be aware of State Sponsored Attackers.They must take security measures to prevent against these type of attacks such as real time monitoring and multifactor authentication.

AI Potential

Artificial Potential has the capability to modernize the security landscape.AI can assist detect and respond to cyber threats in real time as well as security tasks.Organizations should take steps to protect against any potential AI threats.

Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attackers use technique such as spear phishing, phishing to gain access to sensitive data.Organization must ensure that their employees are trained to identify any suspicious activities and measure to secure against these type of threats.

Cloud is Potentially Vulnerable

Now huge amount of companies established on clouds security measures is need of the day.These measures need to be continously monitored and updated to safeguard the data from leaks.Google and Microsoft Cloud Applications are very well protected but user needs to be cautious of phishing attacks, malicious software and erroneous errors.


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