Washington event to honor best artists including Billy Crystal, Queen Latifah

Hollywood A list star gather once in a year in the US capital to celebrate their icons. Multiple music star addition to comedian were set to give capital a lightening sunday. Celebrating the arts on sunday evening in the presence of Joe Biden for the yearly Kennedy Center Honors.

This year they consist of soul legend Dionee Warwick, sole surviving Barry Gibb, Bee Gee, soprano Renee Fleming, rap legend Queen Latifah and famous actor crystal.

Queen Latifah at age of 53 has performed 3 times at the Kennedy Center Honors for her companions Babra Streisand, Tina Turner and LL cool J.

The Grammy winner Latifah singer and actress, rapper whose title also consist of producer “Al Hail the Queen” in 1989. It set the base for her mindblowing career in hip hop and superb success in producing and acting field.

Th annual gala at the Kennedy Center Washington performing arts complex that serves as a living monument to late president J.F. Kennedy will view the top members from every section of life including US President Biden.

Grammy winning opera mega star Fleming considered as one of the highest world sopranos has a long record of joining with the Kennedy Center and has helmed highest position the world over.She will get tonight honor to her laundry list of accolades, such as France Chevalier de la Legion d Honneur.

Now 77, Gibb speaks about late brothers that “if you are just a group and you make records you are not going to survive. You will have your time and then you are done.”

Disco king Gibb the Bee Gees are popular for soundtracking the movie “Saturday Night Fever” with “Stayin Alive” “Night Fever” accepts the honor writing more than a hundreds of song. Gibb wrote a top hits consist of the theme to “Grease” “Islands in the Stream” and “Heartbreaker” which fellow inductee Warwick performed to acclaim.

when will the kennedy centers honors be televised

Edited program will show on December 27 on the US network CBS and on the streaming service Paramount +.

Gloria Estefan receive a Kennedy Center Honor in 2017 will host the gala for 3rd time.

The 82 year of age Warwick whose top list consist of “Dont Make Me Over” “I say a little Prayer” receives the award. .


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