The Federal Open Market Committee plan for December 12-13, 2023 holds very value in the fiscal markets. Before this conference Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell show a important position regarding strict policy to control inflation with 2% goal, interest rate fixation.

Shares of companies whose wealth are attached with cryptocurrency have increase in recent days, optimistic about interest rate decrease in the United States and businesses on the approval of US stock market traded bitcoin funds.

Halving is a method created to slow the release of bitcoin and bitcoin values have rallied by following halvings.

The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which follow bitcoin future hike 7.7% and seemes set to tied an over one year highe. ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF permit traders to bet on a fall in bitcoin futures down 7.7%.

The revival in bitcoin value is a reflection of rising investor confidence in digital currency in background of financial sector and macroeconomic situations.

Latest rally has rise bitcoin more than 150% so far in 2023 huge performance since 2020.

Inspite of latest rally companies investor remain very protective as outflows of $113 million from bitcoin sector last week. The latest market position indicates that this bull run is mainly helped by individual investors ranging from retailers to large scale holders.

Investor trust increase on cryptocurrencies and peer assets had been risen this year. In 2022 more than a one trillion dollar exit from the sector due to collapses in 2022 high profile.

Bitcoin latest rise is a different to its all time hike of $69,000 in 2021. The difference in valuation due to cyclical behaviour of bitcoin due to halving event.This event huge impact on bitcoin supply and record tells it has been observed to proceed price hike due to the decreased price of new bitcoin in circulation.

Bitcoin investor Microstrategy MSTR.O which bought bitcoins more than $ 593 million previous month gain 8.2%. Conibase rises 7.5%.

Bitcoin miner Riot Platforms, Marathon Digital and Cleanspark rises between 10.3% and 18.8% .

The forthcoming report on inflation rates from the US bureau of labor satistics due on December 12 influencing the Fed decisions. A decrease in inflation can move to a bitcoin valuation, market direction and rate decrease.

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