Kala Doriya Hum Tv drama cast, timing, story, lyrics, OST, All episodes

Kaala Doriya is a new sensational Pakistan tv serial that telecast on Hum Tv on 16 September 2022. A fabulous act story, the lead character, mind blowing acting will keep audience attentive. Here is some detail of Kaala Doriya drama story, cast and their names, OST.

The Cast of the Drama

The cast includes marvelous actors and actress. Main role is playing by Sana Javed who previusly done the Projects like Ruswai and Dunk. On opposite of Sana Javed male character is done by Osman Khalid who in the past done a serial chupke chupke. Shahzad Noor is also in the cast. Zakham is his past performance. Nadia Afghan also appear in Kaala Doriya. she has done sublime performances in the past drama.Adla Khan is a new talented actress

What is timing of Kala Doriya?

You can watch Kala Doriya every Friday night at 8:00 Pm

What is release date of Kala Doriya?

Kala Doriya is released on 16 September 2022.

who is the Director of Kala Doriya?

Danish Nawaz directed the drama of Kala Doriya. You can see on Hum TV in Pakistan In Urdu Language.

Who is the writer of Drama Kaala Doriya?

Saima Akram Chaudhary is the wonderful writer of Kaala Doriya.

Who is the Producer of Kala Doriya?

Momina Duraid is the Producer of Kala Doriya. MD Productions is the company which has produce the drama.

Samina Ahmed, Ali Safina, Khalid Anum, Farhan Ali Agha and Zainab Qayyum are in the cast of Kaala Doriya.

Kaala Doriya Drama Cast Details:

Kaala Doriya is a wonderful story and its a family entertainment drama, It represent our society and family norms of Pakistan. Sana Javed and Osman Kalid Butt chemisty is very good in this series.

  • Osman Khalid Butt as Asfand
  • Sana Javed as Mahnoor
  • Shahzad Noor as Faraz
  • Adla Khan as Nida
  • Ali Safina
  • Tamkena Mansoor as Bitto
  • Nadia Afganas Tanno
  • Samina Ahmed as Amna
  • Sohail Sameer as Sharjeel
  • Farhan Ali Agha as Munna
  • Khaled Anam as Ikhtiar Abba Mian
  • Zainab Qayum as Saleeka

Fabulous Kala Doriya Drama Story

Kaala Doriya story main focus is on the role Osman as Asfand and Sana Javed as Mahnoor. They both are cousin in drama. There is quarrel between their families due to various reason. They both are class mate at university and continously irritating each other. Finally they fall in love and stun their family. Their love story is very different.

How many episode are telecast so far Kaal Doriya.

On 16 December 2022 Kala Doriya 13 episode are televised on Hum Tv. Drama has attract lot of viewership. It is one of the hit drama of 2022 year in Pakistan.

Kala Doriya Drama OST, singer, composer, Lyrics writer and detail:

Kala Doriya Dram OST is sung by Singer Abrar ul Haq and Neha Chaudhry. Lyrics is given by Qamar Nashad and Composed by Naveed Nashad.

Kala Doriya Lyrics

Niyataa De Sode Honde Ne Pure Baki Te Mti Di Dheri Aay

Jis Da Ranjhan Rus Janda Aay Mul Na Hath Vich Khuj Anda Aay

Mul Na Hath Vich Khuj Anda Aay Ishq Di Gaal ku Cheri Aay

Joriya Ve Joriya Ve Joriya Pawa De Kaala Doriya

Joriya Ve Joriya Ve Joriya Pawa De Kala Doriya

Kala Doria Kundi Nal Aria E Ve

Ve Chota Devra Paabi Naal Leria Oye

Kukri O Leni, Mein Kukri O Leni

Jerri Kur Kur Kredi Aay

Mein Soree Nei Jana Saas Bur Bur Kerdi Aay

Kaala Doriya Ve Kaala Doriya

Kaala Doriya Ve Kaala Doriya

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