Pyari Mona Hum Tv Drama, Cast, Story,Timing, OST

Pyari Mona is Hum Tv Show which will be telecast soon. Adeel Hussain and Sana Jung are in the main role. Sanam Jhung is performing the main role.

Pyari Mona Cast

Sanam Jhung and Adeel Hussain are performing the main role in Pyari Mona drama

What is the timing of Pyari Mona?

Timing of Pyari Mona is 40 minutes. It will be channelised on Hum Tv. Release date will be announced soon.

Story of Pyari Mona?

Story of Pyari Mona revolve around the character of Sanam Jhung. Sanam Jhung is a fat girl. She has to suffer lot of worse things due to his weight in every part of life. In this drama our society attitude towards beauty of women is display. Basically its on a body shame. It is a unique topic. It is one of the first drama on this script in Pakistan Tv drama history. This issue is very common in our society and surrounding. Women with over weight in our society has to bear lot of ill words. From childhood school to college and university life, they had to listen lot of criticism on their wieght from classmate teachers friend even from the family. If they are doing job as a professional they also face some toxic tongue. They are rejected on marriage proposal due to their fat. Even if they get married they had to listen mostly bed things from mother in law and husband. So overall it reflects our society ill behaviour towards overweight women.

Who is the Producer of Pyari Mona Drama?

Pyari Mona is produced by Momina Duraid under the umbrella of Momina Duraid Production.

OST of Pyari Mona

OST of Pyari Mona will be announced soon


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