U.S. Plans to Sue Ticketmaster Owner, accusing it Defending a Monopoly: livenation lawsuit

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Live Nation Entertainment, the concert giant that owns Ticketmaster faces a clash that could change the live music industry.

The Justice Department and group of states plan to sue Live Nation Entertainment, the concert giant that owns Ticketmaster.

Accusing it of illegally maintaining a monopoly in the live entertainment industry three people familiar with matter.

In recent past American regulators have sued other mega companies testing century old antitrust laws against new power wielded by major companies over customers.

The Justice Department sued Apple in March because the company has made difficult for customers to ditch its instruments and brought two case arguing Google violated antitrust laws.

The Federal Trade Commission filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon for harming sellers on platform and pursuing another against Meta.

The government will argue that tour promoted by company were likely to play venues where Ticketmaster was exclusive ticket service one of people said.

Live Nation artists played venues that it owns.

The Ticketmaster division sells 600 million tickets per annum to events around the globe.

it handles ticketing for 70 percent to 80 percent of major concert venues in the U.S.

The company has denied that it sets maximum prices and fees. Major venues are responsible.

Lawmakers fan and contestants have accused the company of engaging in practices that harm enemy and drive up ticket fees and prices.

At congress hearing lat year prompted by Taylor Swift tour presale on Ticketmaster that left millions of people unable to purchase tickets senators from both parties called Live Nation a monopoly.

Justice Department and spokeswoman for Live Nation declined to comment.

The lawsuit was imminent. The lawsuit is expected to be filed in the Southern District of New York two of people familiar with matter added.

The Justice Department permitted Live Nation the world mega concert promoter to purchase Ticketmaster in 2010 under certain conditions to laid out in legal agreement.

if venues did not use Ticketmaster Live Nation could not threaten to pull concert tours.

The Justice Department late investigation of Live Nation start in 2022. Live Nation ramped up lobbying efforts spending $2.4 million on federal lobbying in 2023 up from $1.1 million in 2022.

The Justice Department allowed Live Nation globe largest concert promoter to purchase Ticketmaster in 2010 under various condition laid out in legal agreement.

Live Nation could not threaten to pull concert tours.

In 2019 the Justice Department found that Live Nation had violated these terms and modified and extensed the agreement.

In April the company co hosted a lavish party in Washington before annual White House Correspondents Association dinner featured a performance by country singer cocktail napkins and Jelly Roll displayed positive facts about Live Nation impact on economy like billions.

White House, Live Nation added in June it would start to show prices for shows at venues it owned included all charges, extra fees.

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule that would ban hidden fees.

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