Top 9 Best Jobs in the Media Industry

Now a days various parents desire that their kids select any other profession but but not magazine and newspaper industry.According to the Bureau of Labor Satistics jobs in media industry provide a decent professional way and living wage.

Top 9 Jobs in the Media Industry

Video Editor/ Film

Extensive online and mobile/web video content had rise the demand the for video and film editors.These take raw pictures and alternate into a finished product. Editors must be expert in film editing software and degree in broadcasting or film. $59810.Bachelor Degree.11% jobs in video editors, camera operators and film.


Most organization employ blogger to provide a company public good image. Blogging provide google ranking on search engines. Annual pay of blogger is $63000. Bachelor Degree is required.

Video Producer

The video is now conquer every sites. There are eye catching video seen and those seen are created by someone who is known as Video Producer. Internet video is on the rise lot of jobs are expected in this field upcoming days.Minimum education is Bachelor degree.Annual pay $74400. 5% increase in job from 2020-2030.


Language skill is required for this profession.Interpreter and translator require native level mastery in both language.Translator work generally with written word minimum expert of grammar and style in both languages. Annual pay $51000.Bachelor Degree is requirement. 19% rise in job in next decade.

Content Strategist

Content Strategist work as a promoting, advertising, marketing managers for any company.Knowledge of Google Analytics and SEO can boost their careers. Expected annual salary is $129000.

Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer maintain recording equipment.They have difficult schedule all depend on client demands.They work in different enviroment recording sound files, studios etc.Annual pay is $45000. 8% rise in job.

Art Director

Art Director designs products and promotions for visual. They work in television,online, print media. Communication skill, manage to artist team and expertise in design software is required. Annual pay is $94000.

Technical Writer

Technical writers need a job experience and a technical subject. Ability to explain different audiences and deadlines. These writer create instruction manuals to articles to documentation. Annual salary is $72000.

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