Top 10 Video Game Jobs for Gamers

The Video game market has various professional jobs including writers and artists who have aim for games and responsible for the first stage of the production process.Technical Jobs like of engineers and programmers use coding and technology to become a reality.There are various job opportunities marketing finance,quality insurance and customer support.

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Video Game Artist

In Video Game Artist play a key role.Artists are involved in production and reproduction stage of video game development.Artist create the art which technical roles can build from.Artists are responsible for creating the visual elements of the game from the characters to setting.

There are various types of artist who work on video games including character designers, UI Artists, texture artists, animators and enviroment artists.Someone working as an artist in video industry will have attended art school.Average video game artist total pay is $91000.

Video Game Writer

Video Game Writer handle the storyline.Video game writers create text and scripts for game.It is important in playing games and heavily reliant on dialogue for baseline.The average annual pay for video game writer is $92000.

Video Game Producer

One of the key role in the video game market is the producer who is responsible for bringing the project from initiate to end.Responsibilities of a video game producer include meetings, keep the project schedule, communicate with all parties involved, programmers and artists to the executives.At least Bachelor degree is required for Video Game Producer.

Product Manager

Project Manager is the product manager communicates with stakeholders,executives and parties to ensure the project will be profitable for the company and need of market.Product Manager have at least a bachelor degree.

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