Top 10 Stadium jerseys of all time ranks top sweaters leading up to 10th anniversary of event.

On the 1oth year of the NHL Stadium series we ranked the top 10 special edition jerseys for the annual outdoor games of all time.

1 Detroit Red Wings 2016

It is the D tails. A modern twist of the Red Wings D logo showcasing elements of the Winged Wheel logo is What lands this jersey in the top position.

Red primary color with diagonal white stripe gives this sweater a flair and makes it stand out from the crowd.

2 New York Rangers 2024

The Rangers take home the prize for best stadium series jersey this year. The white jersey show the team primary blue color as stripes on the bottom and sleeves.Single red stripe on the sleeves.

Red lettering gives this sweater a modern look.

3 Los Angeles Kings 2020

The black and white easily blend in a vertical shape. The trendy LA crest in white brings together the sweater. Kings sported sweet chrome silver helmets.

4 Tampa Bay Lighting

Nicknames were the theme of the 2022 Stadium Series Jersey. These white jersey look crisp with the Bolts. The blue lightning bolt accent on the bottom completes the sweater superbly.

5 Washington Capitals 2023

The capitals were climbing with Weagle Logo as the focal point fo these jersey. The tips of the wings navy blue stripes with the players numbers, design.

Bonus point for the 2 horizontal red laces up top tha show the red bands on the DC flag.

6 Colorado Avalanche 2016

The Avalanche used the Colorado state flag as inspiration. On the Crest the Colorado flags C with circle in the middle is printed in the AVs burgundy and black colors.

All primary colors were added to sweater with blue stripes on the sleeves which were finished with a black hem.

7 Pittsburgh Penguins 2019

Pittsburgh two color scheme of famous yellow and black. The penguin logo is in solid yellow on the crest of jersey without any white

Penguins logo on the side of helmet.

8 New jersey Devils 2024

The Devils took a 2 color book for this year jersey. Devils logo in black minus the usual circle is feature on the crest. Set on a red jersey with black stripes sleeves and bottom

9 Nashville Predators 2022

The predators nickname Smashvill is written in blue on crest. Navy blue as jersey and adding primary yellow as the stripe in middle.

10 Toronto Maple Leafs 2018

Toronto full white out effect in 2018. The 2 blue stripes in center give jersey a new look. On the crest the white Maple Leafs logo on top of the white jersey as opposed to regular season blue white contrast.

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