Top 10 Pet Insurance Companies

Pet insurance plans reimburse you for few veterinary bills when your pet gets ill or injured. It is very difficult to choose better pet insurance plan because the range of option make it difficult to compare plan and there is no standard policies.

Here is some list of best pet insurance companies in the U.S.

Figo Pet Insurance

Figo has three different reimbursement plans. Figo covers illness and accident of animal. Plan is ranging from $5000 to unlimited. Figo coverage includes dental care, non routine, wellness care, veterinary exam fees and hereditary conditions.

Figo has the best insure mobile app.You can organize your pet medical records, live chat with a veterinary doctor, talk with other pet guardians search nearby dog walkers. You can also use to claim bills and filing claims.

Age Limit

The minimum age for pet insurance is 8 weeks. No upper age limit.

Available Plans

Accident wellness and illness. S100 to $1500 per annum deductible options. Plan coverage limits $5000,$10000 or unlimited.70% to 100% reimbursement options.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion is best pet insurance for chronic disease. Chronic patient requires huge treatment. Once you paid the deductible you do not have to pay it yearly.Trupanion reimburses 90% of expenses once you met the deductible and it has no life time or annually coverage limits.

Trupanion has manage deductibles differently for different states. It charges deductible per condition once you have met each one you would not have to pay again.

Trupanion does not cover wellness plan and charge more for acupuncture, behavioral treatment and physical therapy in various states. This insurance covers reward for a lost pet and boarding fees.

In some of the states like Florida etc there are no deductibles.You can select your own reimbursement between 70% and 100%

Age Limits

Maximum age is 13 years and no minimum age

Available Plans

Illness and Accident. Unlimited in all states Coverage limits.Deductible options $0 to $1000 lifetime deductible per condition. In some states there is no deductible.Reimbursement Options are 90% in major states and 70% and 100% in selected states.

How much is pet insurance?

Pet Insurance costs $387 per year for a cat and $640 per year dog. That amount is for illness and accident coverage. Accident policies are less costly $122 per year for cats and $201 per year for dogs.

your own price depends on many factors

Pets Breed

Certain Breeds are more vulnerable to health issues.Some dogs breed have breathing problems.These problem may be reflected in the cost of your insurance plan.

Pets age

Older Pets are prone to health problems their premiums are generally higher


Pet insurance companies take the cost of animal care in your location into account when pricing your plan.

Deductible,Coverage Limits

The more you pay for your animal care the lower your pet insurance premium will be.

What does Pet insurance cover?

Pet insurance cover illness, accident, chronic disease of your pet animals.

How does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet Insurance companies takes monthly or annually payment in shape of policies from pet owner. They get interest from these amount from their respective banks.

How much does Pet Insurance Cost?

The average pet insurance is $387 for cats and $640 per year for dogs for the majority policy.

What is the best Pet Insurance?

The best Pet Insurance are following policies provided by the companies

  • Spot Broadest Coverage
  • Trupanion Super fo Chronic Conditions
  • Nationwide Best for exotic pets
  • Figo Best Mobile App
  • Metlife Most potential discounts

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet Insurance are health insurance policies of your animal in case of illness or accident.

How much is Pet Insurance a month?

Pet insurance policy payment per month is $10 to $100. Mostly insurance company charges per annually.

How much is pet insurance of a dogs?

Pet Insurance of a dogs are $387 per year.

Who is the best Pet Insurance?

There is no single Pet Insurance company which is stand out. There are some on

Which is best Pet Insurance

Nationwide is best Pet Insurance

How to get Pet Insurance?

First you must sign up online any of above mention Pet Insurance. Then chose your best fit plan for your animal.

What Pet Insurance can you use right way?

Metlife accident and wellness insurance start in right away. Other companies offer preventive care package which you can use right way.

What is the best pet insurance?

Nationwide,Figo, Embrace are best pet insurance.

Can you pet insurance after a diagnosis?

No you can not buy insurance after a diagnosis of any illness of your pet. So if a vet says your dog has heart disease you can not buy a policy the next day.

Do all vets take pet insurance?

You pay your vet instantly and then file a claim with your pet insurer for reimbursement


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