Nationwide Pet Insurance Review 2023 in United States of America

Nationwide is one of the oldest and huge pet insurance companies in the U.S. . Nationwide covering more than a million animals.Nationwide offers three accident and injury plans.All of them have different process of reimbursement.

Nationwide offers policies of various species not only dogs and cats . It covers parrots and rabbits etc pets. The company offers wellness coverage for some states.

Nationwide has three plans to cover accidents. In Two plans they reimburse you a percentage of your vet bill. In other companies pay a set money per condition regardless what you actually expend.

Nationwide policy coverage depend on many factors such as the age breed of pet and your living area.

What Nationwide pet insurance covers

Nationwide’s Major Medical Plan Covers

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Prescribed Medication
  • Hereditary Conditions after your policy in effect for atleast a year
  • Various dental conditions not gingivitis
  • Therapies like of chiropractic
  • Treatments, Exams, surgery for illness and injuries and hospitalization

Nationwide’s Whole Pet Plan Covers

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Prescribed Medication
  • Treatments, Exams, surgery for illness and injuries and hospitalization
  • Hereditary Conditions
  • Dental diseases like gingivitis
  • Therapies like of chiropractic
  • Congenital Conditions
  • Therapeutic diets or Nutritional Supplements

What’s not covered

Major Medical Plan not cover

  • Some hereditary conditions
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Age relative changes to pet ears or eyes
  • Treatment of parasites
  • Development disorders
  • Various dental conditions
  • Spending linked with pregnancy such as C Section
  • Pet foods
  • Prescribed nutritional supplements

Nationwide’s insurance plan exclude

  • Grooming
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Experiment treatment
  • Before existing conditions
  • Wellness and Preventive Care
  • Crucial ligament problems with in the first year of coverage

Nationwide Plan State availability

Nationwide sells pet insurance in all 50 states and Washington D.C. Specific plans changes with every States.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Plans

Nationwide offers four plans to select from


The Modular plan is not available online.You can call the company and select the plan.The Modular Plan pay you back for a percentage of your vet expenses.This plans permit you to pick the coverage as you desire.You could choose accident, behavioral therapies, wellness and prescribed food supplements.

Pet Wellness

Wellness Plans are available in each state.Nationwide Pet Wellness plan reimburses you for heartworm test,vaccination and basic services. The Wellness Plus plans pay up to $500 per year and monthly cost is S17.You can chose by phone less expensive Basic Plan.

Whole Pet

Whole Pet plan does not cover wellness spending such as heartworm prevention.Whole Pet Nationwide ‘s very comprehensive plan. It covers various type of injuries and illness.It will reimburse a percentage of your vet expenses for illness or accidents and exams, tests.

Major Medical

Major Medical plans is less in cost of Whole Pet plan. However it does not offer much coverage.The Major Medical plan based on benefit time which lists a maximum yearly reimbursement money per issue regardless of what your vet bills you.

Nationwide Coverage Options

Coverage Limits

Modular plan you can select a $5000 yearly limit or no limit.Whole Pet Plans coverage limit is $10,000 annually.Wellness coverage at $500 per annum.


For Modular Plans,Whole Pet Major Medical Plans deductible is only 250 dollars by default.

Reimbursement Money

Modular plans can pay 50% to 90% of spending.For Whole Pet plans you can chose to be reimbursed 70% or 50% of your vet expenses.

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