TikTok Unfolds Power List Initiatives for Black History Month

The spotlight on #BlackTikTok includes the annual visionary voices lists as well as grant for creators in collaboration with Black Girl Ventures

TikTok celebration of Black History Month this year consist of its annual Visionary Voices list spotlighting Black creator as well number of real life programs and in app.

A #BlackTikTok hub in the app will show music, live streams from Black creators non profits and businesses like of Black Girl Ventures which previous year received a $1 million investment from the platform.

This year the couple are collaborating to launch the Black Girl Ventures Innovate Together TikTok Grant Program which will award lifestyle entrepreneurs, US based beauty and content creators out of a pool of $50,000.

The brand will also bringing its programming into real world with a Visionary Voice Black Hollywood Brunch in Los Angeles like teaming with Paramount to host screening of the studio upcoming biopic Bob Marley, One Love for Black TikTokers in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

In addition TikTok user will able to #ShopBlack in the app where Black owned creators and busineesses who use the TikTok Shop Affiliate program.

The creators on TikTok Visionary Voices list will be seen in theatres. Cinema partnership with Screenvision Media.the visionary will be seen during Screenvision Front + Center onscreen preshow showtimes across company 1500 theatres nationwide.

We are proud to celebrate the trendsetting impact of #Black TikTok with year Visionary Voices list. TikTok global move of diversity and inclusion communication Shavone Charles added.

#BlackTikTikTok has more than 36 billion view from 4 million posts on the social media platform.It is a massive subsection of the app.

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