The Top Highest Paying Legal Jobs

The legal industry offers thousands of Job opportunities. You are not only bond to practicing law.Practicing Law might be the most payable fascinating legal job.You might serve in political office, manage a law firm or teach. You have different fields of law to select.

Salaries of law professional depends on many factors like market demand, experience, practice enviroment and geographic location. Salary can rise upto nine digits.

Law School Professors

Law School Professors teach law syllabus, publish scholarly work in their field and do research.Salary vary by location and by the institution. There is huge competition for the job of law school professor. There is requirement of law degree from a top law school,judicial clerkship experience, law practice experience, law review and publication credits in scholarly journals.

Annual average salary of professor was $132000.

Chief Legal Officers

Chief Legal Officers head the law departments of corporations. The vast the corporation, the greater the general counsel’s salary. CLOs known as general counsel.Chief Legal Officers earn annual salary of about $200000. Chief legal officers earn additional stock options, bonuses and perks that increase their compensation packages. Multinational Companies CLOs earn seven figures income easily.

Legal Office Administrator

Legal Office Administrator overlooks the administrative and business aspects of continuing a law firm. Their duties covers reporting, business development, financial management, human resources, technology practicing and marketing management. They are also known as Chief Managing Officers. Law firm administrator works less hours and require less education. This is a great choices for those who want fascination job in legal industry. Maximum Job holders have Bachelor degree in Law. Their annual average salary is $69000.

Judges and Hearing Officers

Judges and Hearing Officers preside in state,federal and local courts. Judges and magistrates earn annual average salary of $148000.In federal court system judges are highest paid. Majority of judges earn huge salaries, healthy benefits expense account and contributions to retirement plan.Local magistrates and Judges earn less.

Tax Attorneys

Tax Attorney solve tax issues for individual and businesses level to solve tax issues. They assist estate planning and suing the Internal Revenue Service. They work as a consultant when anyone is initiated a business or when contracts must be drafted. Their annual average salary pay is $102,000.Compensation depends on your location.

Members of Congress

A law degree is helpful if you desire to become a Members of Congress for benefit of a country. Members of Congress earns $170000 per annum and higher position such as Speaker of the House.

Trial Lawyers

Trial Lawyers earned handsome income allover the planet.Civil Litigators who have high profile, high value case earns huge compensation packages.The salary for trial lawyers ranges from $99000.Many public interest lawyers earn good salaries

Real State Attorneys

Real State Attorneys review contracts and offers to make sure that both sellers and buyers get decent deals. Real State attorney earn decent pay checques. They earn $87000 dollar.

Litigation Support Director

Legal Professionals oversee firm litigation support technology resources. Their average salary is $131245.

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