The Award winning Sony A80L OLED TV price has fall to Black Friday levels

2023 was awash with next generation MLA OLED and QD OLED TVs Sony proved that standard OLED technology is capable of producing extraordinary results when it tuned with attention and care.

The A80L produces photo that pops with vibrant colors and contrast combine with a naturalism that mean you are seeing films and TV shows as desired.

The Acoustic Surface Audio + technology which use actuators that vibrate screen in order to make sound ensures audio and imagery are connected in a way than non Sony TV can not match and the A80L sound direct open and detailed by general TV standards too.

The 65 inch model is one sale for 2099 euro from 2999 euro another 900 euro saving. It is a good price for 5 start Award Winning OLED TV.

The Sony A80L uses standard OLED technology to amazing effect delivering an image that balances with cinematically subtle with absolute aplomb.

It sounds great by TV standards too and has solid gaming feature set.

LG C3 is still superb TV we felt that LG did not differentiate from the C2 enough despite high price at launch.

The A80L on other hand is great step and best performance per pound TV of year so far particularly with this discount.

LG is offering the C3 OLED TV for bit less than this Sony we are enamoured by A80L performance making it top pick when it comes to performance per pound ratio.

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