Sennheiser Accentum Plus review

The company 2nd Accentum model is same to its predecessor.

Less than four month after making its mid range Accentum headphones Sennheiser open up another version at CES that remains less costly than its momentum set.

Accentum Plus model offers touch controls, revised active noise cancellation, wear detection and conveniences first version didnot have.

All of addition come costly plus detection and conveniences first version did not have.

Sennheiser Accentum Plus

Changes to ANC and few new features the Accentum Plus is not upgrade over the regular Accentum that debut previous year.


  • Wear Detection
  • Multipoint Bluetooth
  • Trademark Sennheiser sound at louder volumes
  • Better than expected battery life.


  • Spind suffers at lower volumes
  • Cheap look design
  • Adpative ANC is mega difference

The headphones made out of plastic which gives them a cheap look and feel. The company introduce new design style on Momentum 4 in 2022 which it continued with overall look on Accentum line.


Sennheiser try to improve mid range accentum offering is mixed bag. Accentum Plus is not the mega improvement you expect with cost price.

Better expected battery life. You can get same play time on regular Accentum for $50 less. Small design refinements and more step up in terms of audio quality and ANC performance would have mega impact.

Accentum Plus is mega upgrade over last year model.


Accentu, Plus and Accentum apart at first look.

The Plus version has one button which control power. Audio and call controls are touch based and located on outside of right rear cup.

Plus has 3.5mm aux jack along with USB-C connection whereas first accentum only has latter.

Battery life

The Plus battery life unchanged from regular Accentum at 50 hours.You can get 5 hours of listening time after plugging in for only ten minutes.

Software and features

The Sennheiser Smart Control app offers features for Accentum Plus as does for the Accentum. Battery percentage is at top.You can adjust a 5 band EQ, select a prebuilt sound preset or make own.

The company offer sound personalization calibrates the audio based on response to few samples in the app.

On ANC control disable automatic adaptive adjustment to Accentum Plus noise cancellation and leave regular noise cancellation on.

You can cycle between ANC and transparency mode with double tap on right ear cup. action does not allow you to active any preferred blends. Turns on full ANC or complete transparency.

Sennheiser Sound Zones are here giving you ability to configure specific audio setting based on location.

You can generate 20 these for places like work, home and more. You have to give the app permission to track your location which could be a nonstarter for some users.

Call Quality

The Accentum Plus is fine for calls. The audio quality is not pristin it passable for most uses.

You can choose to have headphones switch to transparency mode when you take a call. Accentum Plus does not pipe in your voice So overall studio is not natural as more costly options like the AirPods Max.

ANC performance

Sennheiser says Accentum Plus has hybrid adaptive ANC where Accentum just hydrid ANC.

The mean Plus model adjust to change in enviromental noise while regular mode has one level of blocking ability.

The overall ANC performance is good in circumstances it is far from what you get on the best that Bose, Sony have to offer.

Sound quality

Sennheiser earbuds and headphones have offered superb sound quality among all the products. The company has well tuned audio profile that is dynamic.

Thanks to clarity across the EQ.


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