Fujifilm New Instant Camera and Smartphone App Update

A look at Fuji Instax Mini 99 plus updates coming to INSTAX UP smartphone app.

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Designed to fun and cool instant photo camera for content creators, the INSTAX MINI 99 allow user show their creativity with photos in a true analog experience.

INSTAX MINI 99 user will able to use 6 various color effect setting or just a normal setting for true rendition of photos.

There is 5 shooting modes which include.

  • Bulb
  • Sports
  • Indoor
  • Normal
  • Double Exposure

These modes can optimized for particular shot by offering fine level adjustments for brightness, highlights or even shadow detail.

The images are printed on 2 x3 inch Instax Mini instant film is sold separately.

Pricing and Availability

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 99 instant camera is expected to available online and in stores here in mid April 2024. You can check purchase and full specs choice below

  • 6 color effect settings
  • Built in self timer
  • manual vignette switch
  • 2 shutter buttons for landscape/portrait
  • Base Grip with Tripod mount
  • Macro and Landscape Modes
  • Prints 2×3: Instant Photos
  • 5 Shooting Modes with Auto Exposure
  • Built in Flash Control
  • 5 levels of brightness

Instax up Smartphone App Update

Instant camera unveil Fujifilm the brand declared an update to its free downloadable Instax Up Smartphone App.

Designed for Instax user to digitally scan, organize, import with Instax up smartphone app. Fujifilm user can


  • Organize scanned digital photos by category/list view for easy locating
  • Scan Instax photo prints and store them digitally in one place
  • Easily share digitally store photos and collection via social media or tex
  • import digitally stored photos from other Instax apps

This new update adds new album feature where user can organize and store digital Instax photos by themes.

User can tag, add, share, download and delete Instax images from digital albums and can view images in list/box view as well.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 99 more advanced Instant Camera

The Color Effect Dial has 6 effects that driven by LED inside of camera, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Sepia, Soft Magneta, Light Leak Faded Green.

Lights are included photos photos are exposed along with color onto Instax Mini instant film.

The Brightness Control Dial is a rudimentary exposure compensation dial that has 2 levels of light and darkness around a neutral middle.

Fujifilm Instax Mini film the Mini 99 has new color effect dial, control dial, shooting modes vignette switch and 3 focus mode and included grip that screw into built in tripod mount.

The body of camera features a tripod screw mount that works with precision milled Base Grip.

The camera features a rechargeable 680mAh battery charge while in camera it does ship with USB external charger PetaPixel Chris Niccolls had hands on time with camera.

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