Starbucks introduce 3 fruity boba drinks for the first time

Starbucks is berry interested for boba.

The coffee chain is entering into summer early with release of three new fruity Refreshers featuring juicy raspberry flavored pearls, inspired b famous East Asian beverage boba tea.

Made with tea and chewy tapioca pearls, Starbucks unique take on boba aka bubble teas tastes like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries picked at height of summer.

The Summer Berry Starbucks Refreshers beverages available in U.S. stores starting May 7 come in three types: Summer-Berry made with water, Summer-Berry with Lemonade mixed with lemonade and Summer Skies Drink combined with coconut milk.

All 3 drinks come with wider green straw to accommodate pearls perfect for both stirring and sipping.

The drinks are part of summer menu and are available for restricted time period.

We started out thinking about summer moments like hanging out by pool and having a barbecue with friends. Simon Vuong Starbucks said in a statement.

“We started with fruit pieces but we desired something even bolder Vuong said ” So we though Let’s put fruit flavored pearls in beverage and try it out. It is very fun the way it delivers the flavor when it pops in your mouth.



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