‘South Park: The End of Obesity’:when does the new south park special come out? where to watch new south park movie? south park end of obesity release date

Ozempic the weight loss medicine has take over Hollywood recent past, is at center of South Park streaming special now streaming on Paramount +.

In the teaser, Catman laments his size in mirror while his companions run lab experiments in lab coats and goggles, preparing him to take medicines.

We have born out navigating the American healthcare systems Butter adds ” I almost died”.

“South Park: The End of Obesity” is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios.”South Parl” is co created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker who serve as executive producers along Frank C and Anne Garefino Angone II.

Vernon Chatman, Bruce Howell, Adrien Beard , Eric Stough are producers.

“South Park” first debuted on Comedy central in 1997 and has been renewed throuh 2027. The renewal will take show through its 30th season on air.

Episodes of “South Park” can be watched on Comedy Central,Amazon Prime Max Channel and Max.

In “South Park: “The End of Obesity” the weight loss drug is central point.

When overweight foul mouthed Eric Cartman is denied reach to medicine he recruits, Kenny, Butters and Kyle Stan for help.

Paramount+ has released 6 other streaming events: ” South Park: Post CoviD” “South Park: The Streaming Wars” “South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2”

All 6 specials are available to stream on Paramout+.

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