RTE to broadcast mega investigation into treatment of horses: horseracing wrongs :rte news now: person cleaning a horse’s stable

RTE is to broadcast a mega new investigation examining the Irish and European horse industries over two nights next week.

The investigation reveals evidence of systemic fault in traceability of horses and details how this threaten the human food chain across Europe.

The work has prompted investigation across the Europe.

Using hidden camera RTE investigates exposed abuse horses can suffer after they retie the racing position.

The team went inside the industry to show some of horses were slaughtered in Ireland. Others are give identities and traded in detail across Europe.

Documentary and special report available to stream live and catch up on RTE Player to viewer across Europe.

Trailer is present on Youtube,

Wide ranging investigation will be opened up in mega hour long documentary RTE Investigates Horses.

Making a killing to be broadcast Wednesday night 12 June at 9 35 pm on RTE One.

An additional report on Prime Time on Thursday night broadcast at 9 35 pm on RTE One.

In Ireland RTE Investigates analysed data which permitted for first time to profile background of horses sent to slaughter.

The data permitted RTE Investigate journalist to look back and search thousand of horses that passed through Ireland licensed horse abattoir.

Horses were thoroughbred racers competitors between them had race over 3000 times earning owners more than 5.1 million on tracks across Ireland the UK, France.


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