Restoration costs from previous month deadly storm in houston will passed onto CentrePoint Customers

All that work could take more weeks and come with high price and consumers will pay finally the bill.

It has been three weeks and since strong wind hits Houston destroying Houston and businesses and leaving many without power for several days.

Centrepoint workers has been busy to restore power after strong back to back storms across the Houston area.

Centre Point Executive VP of Regulatory Service and Government Affairs Jason Ryan said

“I think this storm that hit on May 16 shows that we can be ready even on no notice for hurricane type event and restore service to consumers as rapidly as possible.

Crews are still working on repairs.

“Things like temporary transmission structures were put up where there was transmission structure damage we need to go back in and replace with permanent structures.

All that works could take months and comes with high price and consumers will finally help pay that bill.

“We do not have final estimate right now for range cost”

“It will be at least $100 million of costs”

There are multiple choices the company can make in terms of trying to get reimbursement.One is reimbursement as a line item on bill some years ago was done as a surcharge,

CentrePoint told media that they have not exact final cost because they are still waiting for the bill for out of town and out of state crews who were brought in to restore power.

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