Pregnancy Week by Week First Trimester, Second Trimester, Thrid Trimester

First pregnancy trimesters

Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week. symptoms of pregnancy start after two weeks of conceivment.There are three stages of pregnancy. Here is detail penned below;

  • 2 Weeks Pregnant

If egg attach with sperm you are on the path of being pregnant. Ovulation generally occur two weeks after your last period start.Your pregnancy test positive after 2 weeks.

  • 3 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is a tiny ball consist of thousand of cells that are multiply rapidly.It is 1 week after fertilization of egg.You need pregnancy pillow for rest.

  • 4 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is now embryo consist of two layers and your placenta growing.

  • 5 Weeks Pregnant

Your small embryo is growing after 5 week of pregnancy.Sore breast and fatigue are the symptom in 5 weeks.

  • 6 Weeks Pregnant

At 6 Weeks of pregnancy your baby has began heart beating.Morning sickness and sore breast are common symptoms.

  • 7 Weeks Pregnant

At 7 Weeks of pregnancy baby eyes, mouth, nose are in making shape.You may continue to pee regularly.

  • 8 Weeks Pregnant

At 8 Weeks baby feet and hands are sprouting webbed toes and fingers.You may have nausea and fatigue.

  • 9 Weeks Pregnant

You may have morning illness and mood swings.Your baby is like a small human being.

  • 10 Weeks Pregnant

At 10 Weeks your baby has end the critical part of growth.You are ready for new clothes.

  • 11 Weeks Pregnant

At 11 Weeks Pregnant Your baby busy kicking and stretching.

  • 12 Weeks Pregnant

When you are 12 weeks pregnant your baby can move toes and sucking movements.You have feel heartburn.

  • 13 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has now fingerprints and is almost 3 inches.You are in last week of first trimester.

Second Trimester

  • 14 Weeks Pregnant

At 14 weeks pregnant you are now more enthusiastic and less weak.Your baby is more expressive.

  • 15 Weeks Pregnant

At 15 weeks pregnant your baby can shake her joints and making taste buds.You have a flue.

  • 16 Weeks Pregnant

At 16 Weeks you may be .less nausea and less mood swings.You baby is growing into a spurt.

  • 17 Weeks Pregnant

At 17 Weeks your baby is making bones and the umblical cord is growing thicker.

  • 18 Weeks Pregnnat

You feel more hunger.Your baby genitals are grow enough to see an ultrasound.

  • 19 Weeks Pregnant

Hair is growing on your baby scalp.It could be round ligament pain.

  • 20 Weeks Pregnant

At 20 Weeks your baby taste buds are now growing.You pregnancy stage is halfway.

  • 21 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has eyebrows. Your baby making a kick.

  • 22 Weeks Pregnant

Your belly become a hand magnet and your baby hear your heartbeat.

  • 23 Weeks Pregnant

You may notice swelling in ankles and feet.Your baby has a sense of development.

  • 24 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is still lengthy and lean and soon change.Your growing uterus is the size of a football.

  • 25 Weeks Pregnant

Your child is beginning to get some fat and hair.

  • 26 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is inhaling and exhaling little amount of amniotic fluid.

  • 27 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is closing , opening his eyes and sucking his fingers.

Third Trimester

  • 28 Weeks Pregnant

At 28 Weeks Pregnant your baby now sees light in your womb.You are beginning your last trimester.

  • 29 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby lungs and muscles are growing.Baby brain and head is developing.

  • 30 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby weight is 3 pounds.You are facing mood swings, clumsiness and tiredness.

  • 31 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby strong kicks start you at night.

  • 32 Weeks Pregnant

Your uterus is now expanding and may cause breath problem and heatburn.

  • 33 Weeks Pregnant

You baby weigh is growing and almost 4 pounds now.You are in trouble in bed.

  • 34 Weeks Pregnant

You are feeling Dizziness.Your baby nervous system and lungs are maturing.

  • 35 Weeks Pregnant

You will feel some movements and your baby in your womb is making some movements.

  • 36 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is growing weight per day.You may feel her feet in your pelvis soon.

  • 37 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby lungs and brain continue to grow.Your yellow discharge during pregnancy more vaginal.

  • 38 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby has a strong grasp which you test in person.

  • 39 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is full and waiting to come to the new world.Approach to pregnancy care center.

  • 40 Weeks Pregnant

It is common if a women pregnancy date get pass. You baby is size of pumpkin.

  • 41 Weeks Pregnant

At 41 weeks you are going into labour room.Your baby came into world after delivery.

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