Parrot Fever Outbreak in Sweden can cause extreme pneumonia and meningitis infects humans Public Health Alert

Parrot fever is spreading in sweden with big threat to unborn children. In December Nordic county faces 12 case of parrot fever.

The disease can spread through airborne particles from bird poo and can be carried by Parakeets a household pet in Britain.

In England and Wales this years 50 cases are reported. Psittacosis is a flu like disease that can generate pneumonia and meningitis. It can cause 90 percent death of young birds. It can create a major risk to unborn children with 80 per cent danger in foetal mortality.

Infections cases reported in 8 area of sweden Kalmar and Gotaland etc. Parakeets present in London are more dangerous to human beings because they are very close to humans.

According to sweden public health official more than 25 cases were reported caused by caged birds and handling of poultrys.

The disease caused by bacteria known as Chlamydophila psittaci transfer from birds to humans through airborne particles from infected wild bird poo. This can cause severe pneumonia and meningitis in humans and fatal for young birds.

New research shows that human to human transmission may be more prevalent than previous thought which lead to public health danger, specifically health workers.

Experts advice more cautions for those close with birds or work with poultry ensuring ventilation and personal protective equipment.

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