Make history in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 2 Mortals & Myths

Pandora Box has been opened on the Fortnite Battle Royale Island bringing Olympus to battlefield Olympian legends including god Zeus and Hades.

To make matter worse they have brought their weapons and powers with them. Use their mythological means in Chapter 5 Season 2 Mortals & Myths.

Legendary Locations

Mount Olympus

You can not have Olympus without Mount Olympus. Home of Zeus you will always feel like you are watched with grand monument that graces this mountain.

The Underworld

Past the hounds is home of Hades: The Underworld Despite its flowing streams land of this city is almost completely dried up.

Grim Gate

To get to “The Underworld” one way to get there is crossing the river at Grim Gate where the 3 headed guard dog Cerberus awaits.

Venture to west of island to confront these canines.

Brawlers BattleGround

The god of war, Ares always welcomes a battle. Take him up on his challenge in Brawler’s Battleground arena south of Mount Olympus.

Chaos Upon The Land

The gods descended with weapons and powers that does not mean your next battle has to end in tragedy. Make your next battle a myth to remember by using them for yourself.

GateKeeper ShotGun

Forged by Hephaestus for Cerberus the Gatekeeper Shotgun can fir 3 aggressive rounds. This shotgun is best at short range so hit all 3 shots rapid to show your bite as bad as your bark.

The Gatekeeper Shotgun can be found across the Island but the Mythic is only obtainable from Cerberus rolling over.

ThunderBolt of Zeus

With the Thunderbolt of Zeus you can rise into air and hurl lightning bolts at your target. Use this power wisely through Thunderbolt of Zeus has 3 maximum charges with cooldown between each one.

WarForged Assault Rifle

The Warforged Assault Rifle is forged for battle hungry gods which is favorite of Ares. Powerful yet unruly this Assault Rifle has high damage, high rate of fire and strong recoil.

Find across the Island or fight Ares for Mythic version.

Huntress DMR

Artemis goddess of the moonlit hunt. During battle take note from Artemis use a weapon created to dole out punishment from distance.

It was created for gods to punish mortals, flip script and use Huntress DMR to punish the gods. You can hunt for Huntress DMTS across the Island or get the Mythic version by hunting down Zeus.

Harbinger SMG

Like Hades himself the Harbinger SMG is unforgiving and retentless even when tired.Highly accurate when first shot it has dramatically increased bloom and recoil as more buller are fire.

Another Power The Power of Flight

The Thunderbolt of Zeus is not Olympian Power. With Wings of Icarus soar through skies your foes below. Find the Mythic Power across the Island

UnderGround in the UnderWorld Weapons From Last Season

Unlike Orpheus looking back Eurydice you are allowed to turn to weapons from Chapter 5 Season 1.

  • Ranger Pistol
  • Reaper Sniper Rifle
  • Hammer Pump Shotgun
  • Frenzy Auto Shotgun
  • Nemesis AR
  • Thunder Burst SMG

The Myths Materialize in the Myths & Mortals Battle Pass

Alongside Chapter 5 Season 2 come the Myths & Mortals Battle Pass

With the Myths & Mortals Bottle Pass purchase you can unlock these Olympian Outfits.

  • Aphrodite Lead with your heart
  • Poseidon Slurp god of the sea King of beach
  • Cerberus Rise from The Underworld
  • Medusa Humanity Stone hearted defender
  • Zeus Warrior king of gods
  • Artemis All must respect natural law even the gods
  • Hades The overseer of the Underworld.

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