Fortnite Leak Opens up Upcoming Tactical Shotgun Changes

A new Fortnite reveals some upcoming changes to Tactical Shotgun that make it a good choice for player weapon rotation.

  • Fortnite evolving players should expect the meta to shift and these changes may affect weapon choices in Chapter 5 Season 1
  • Epic Games introducing changes to Tactical Shotgun in Fortnite with stats like rapid reload time and fire rate
  • The updated Tactical Shotgun may make it more choice for players over shotguns like Hammer Pump or Fenzy Auto Shotgun

Epic Games may set to Tactical Shotgun changes according to Fortnite leak.They have been weapons over the years of Fortnite updates with some vaulted along the way Tactical Shotgun due for some revisions to its stats.

Fortnite was released with rotation of items like Assault Rifle Flint Knock Pistol and Hand Cannon.Fortnite Primal was joined by new weapon crafting system that had some success but was met with negativity from community.

The Tactical Shotgun may be among the guns to get big changes this season as information on update has been leaked.

Twitter account HypeX sharde some dat about changes expected for Tactical Shotgun during Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

The new Tactical Shotgun have 6 bullets that can be reloaded in one clip. The reload time will be decreased to 3.6 seconds compared to 4.2 seconds and it has 30% fire rate than Hammer Pump Shotgun.

The damage shot changes from 79 to 97 and headshot ranges from 119 to 145 depending on item rarity.

What’s The Tactical Shotgun Changes?

The Tactical Shotgun has been weapon in Fortnite since being vaulted and multiple times along the way. In Fortnite Chapter 1 fans debated whether the Tactical Shotgun was better with famous streamers favoring the latter.

Chapter 5 Season 1 has Tactical Shotgun it differ from original.

The changes to the Tactical Shotgun may inspire players to choose the weapon over others in same category like Frenzy Auto Shotgun or Hammer Pump.

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