MAGA activist threats followers against giving to GoFundMe for Trumps fraud verdict

The ink was dry on Judge Arthur Engoron ruling held forme President Donald Trump liable for over $350 million in fines for civil fraud in New York when a GoFundMe campaign was launched to crowdfund all money for the former president.

The campaign as begin by Elena Cardone the wife of Miami based private equity manager Grant Cardone who advertised the effort by saying “Give something & demonstrate the people of America are standing together against unjust ruling like this where a bias judges and corrupt legal system is out of control.

Stand with Trump fund the $335M unjust judgment the campaign was titled seeking full amount Trump owes after it was found that he and his tow sons systematically lied about property valuation to baks and state tax agency.

Laura Loomer far right activist ally of Trump in a post on X Trump patriots should be wary of contributing to this effort.

Go Fund Me is notorious for banning campaigns I have been banned from GoFundMe since 2018.

This is not first time in latest months that right wing activists have devolved into infighting over suspicion their own project might not be legal When the God Army trucker convoy was organized to travel to border earlier this year. It is struggled to attract participants some activist feared it might be a front for FBI entrapment.

Loomer who calls herself a proud Isampphobe and has defended the ideology of white nationalism mounted multiple unsuccessful campaigns for Congress in Florida.

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