Seattle birdhouse invention The Peap show debut on Shark Tank

In a city famous for thriving birding community and tech innovation. It is no surprise that a Seattle inventor is making waves on Shark Tank with his creation. The Peep Show is a good birdhouse.

This invention permit users to stream live video directly to phones offering a intimate look of baby birds hatching and growing.

It is unique chance to witness the wonders of nature up close. The inspiration behind invention came from inventor 95 year old grandfather Chuck who had desired he could take a deep inside the birdhouse surround their family alaska home.

Crafted from locally source wood and bio plastic packages in recyclable materials like wall for fledgling ans top to bottom ventilation is a testament to the company ethos what is good for the enviroment is good for the birds.

Founder Steve Gray was certain to emphasize the importance of the birds well being and his creation reflects this commitment with thoughtfully designed features.


This high tech birdhouse won the International Red Dot Award for Excellence in Product Design in 2023.

With the Peep Show design my aim was to create a birdhouse that Steve Jobs would have like to have in his backyard gray told.

The health and well being of baby bird is at the forefront of everything we do and being selected from among thousands of worthy applicants to share our birdhouse on the shark tank is beyond exciting Gray said.


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