Did Fani Willis 53 wear her dress backwards on the stand? Beleaguered DA is mocked by social media users for sporting zipper at the front of her pink frock

The 53 year old Fulton County DA was mocked on social media. All eyes were on her dress which people said was backwards. Fani took the stand yesterday after accused of misconduct allegations.

Fani Willis has been mocked on socila media over allegaton that she accidentally put on her dress backwards before taking the stand in court this week.

The 53 year old Fulton County District Attorner who has been testifying at hearing over misconduct allegations was savaged on social media afer user pointed out that she had a zipper running up the front of her pink frock.

Fani who has accused of lying about the timeline of her romantic relationship with prosecutor that she appointed to Donald Trump election interference case sparked a frenzy of speculation with the look as internet tried to figure out whether the design was accidental.

Her staggering testimony which saw her firing back offensive claims left people surprised many eyes were on her embarrassing ensemble error.

People then flooded comments section to fire off at Fani as they questioned how she could have made such a humiliating mistake.

Another person wrote As an attorney myself it is mind blowing that this woman is a District Attorney. Her lack of courtroom decorum is astounding.

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