Krispy Kreme releases Friends inspired donuts for TV Series 30th anniversary but fans are not happy

Krispy Kreme desire consumers to celebrate 30th anniversary of beloved tv serial Friends with special theme donuts.

The chain on Monday start selling 4 TV inspired pastries name Friends.

All 4 treats were named and designed to honor special moments from Friends which premiered 30 years before and ended its 10 season run in 2004.

The donuts are mean to satisfy buds of Friends fans, social media user with anger various raise queries why these treats were only offered in Britain.

The treats will available online and in UK stores till July 21 none are sold in US.

Krispy Kreme is offering guest half of its Original Glazed dozens until June 19 and $1 BOGO on Original Glazed dozens on June 20.

Krispy Kreme will surprise selected guest on June 20 with free Original Glazed dozen.

The half of Original Glazed dozen donuts will available from 5 to 7 Monday through Wednesday.

Krispy Kreme Hot Light Happy Hours and Hot Light est Day of Year offer available to order online.

The Hot Light Happy Hour promotion can be redeem using promo code Hotnow.

Krispy Kreme new donuts were designed and named after catchphrases or show features.

Ross and Rachel were famous to be on a break is another one of krispy Kreme new donuts.

The Friends donut is glazed treat with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

It include photo of fountain similar to one feature in show opening credits on white chocolate donut topper.

We were on Coffee Break donut is homemade treat with Caffe latte icing and chocolate swirl frosting finished off with Central Park Cafe chocolate topper.

The Thanksgiving trifle may not have won over show character during Season 6 Krispy Kreme satisfy its consumers with own interpretation of it.

The Trifle donut is treat filled with custard, strawberry, topped with chocolated frosting and sprinkles.

Joe was hungry friend who always desired to know how his friends were doing.

Various user who brought up donut release were annoyed that Friend themed treats would not available in America

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