Kathie Lee Gifford speak out Howard Stern asked for forgiveness after feud:’God can touch anybody heart’

The former ‘Today’ co host has written new book, ‘I want to Matter: Your Life is Too Short and Too Precious too Waste.

Kathie Lee Gifford was surprised when Howard Stern called to apologize.

“Today” past co anchor has written new book title “I want to matter: Your life is too short and too precious to waste.

In book she discussed the power of forgiveness and how it ended a decades long feud with shock jock.

The bad blood first boiled in 1995 after Gifford has chosen to sing national anthem at Super Bowl XXIX.

Her husband NFL star Frank Gifford would be hosting live telecast.

According to book Gifford heard booing as she sang. The Star Spangled Banner.

” It was surprise to get voicemail from Howard Stern” the 70 year old recalled to media.

“Once I listened to it I said to my kids at the table, “Well pigs have now officially flown. I just always believe God can touch anybody heart.I a m not permitted to hate anybody that hates me. Once you start praying for people you can hate them. Love can not live where hate does it is a very simple thing.”

“As you grow in your faith you learn, I have got to pray for that person right now. What they just said was so horrible” Gifford told. “Just pray Ask God to heal them because hurt people hurt people.It is truth.

Gifford soon learned that Stern had asked his fans to boo Gifford when she was introduce on stage.

Gifford expressed the experience as completely surreal as she never met Stern nor listened to his radio show.

Everything change after years when Stern was guest on “Today” to declare he was joining the judging panel at America Got Talent”

“The Lord said ‘Kathie go down and say hello to him and wish him well with show” said Gifford. “And I said. ‘Ok Lord ‘ I got up out of my hair and makeup room. Those girls had been told Do not let Kathie go anywhere near studio. I could not care less I go downstairs. They go.”

“He is very very tall and I was in my little flats coming in from Connecticut. Gifford add.

There were so many people that day he brings quite entourage.I said. Hey its Kathie Lee I thought it was about time I said I want to wish you all the best with new show. I got up went back sat down in the makeup room.

They said “why would you do that”?

Gifford was hopping on a plane to attend her son graduation at USC. She get a phone call. There was no caller ID. It was stern.

“He left a voicemail and he adds. I can not even use language that he used. Gifford adds. “It was lot of F-words but he was saying. ‘I can not believe how nice you were to me. I have been so rude to you and you were so nice. I just need to apologize to you Please call me”.

Not knowing how to reach Stern back. Gifford did not return his call.

“We are having dinner and I see no caller ID. Gifford adds. “I said ‘That is him. My husband and son did not desire me to take that call. He was horrible to me and horrendous to my family. I would never met the man never until that day never listened to his show or anything like that.”

Gifford adds she had private chat with Stern where he asked me to forgive him.

Gifford said I can find something good in anybody. That is what my faith teaches me.

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