Top 10 ChatGPT Plugins for Wellness and Fitness

ChatGPT can act as your wellness and health partner in several sections.These plugins will help you stay healthy by designing workout routines and creating diet plans.An AI powered personal fitness instructor to support you.

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Calorie Coach

Calorie Coach is very simple.It simply guide what you have eaten and what you consumed in terms of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.This tool is created by shimmer.It helps you controlling your food intake.It is like a personal nutritionist that you ask about the content of your diet.It draws a ring graph for better understanding.


Horoscopes is a ChatGPT plugin that can provide instruction and advice on maintaining mental and physical health on zodiac sign.Ask zodiac sign if you are unaware.You can get daily weekly horoscope.This plugin will provide a personalized horoscope to start your day well.This tool is created by Inner Self.This tool will guide you dietary choices, mindfulness practices and other tips to start your day.

Bubble Goods

Bubble Goods is a platform to search the foods on the main websites.The tool will crawl through its generate a list of foods that you like and provide links so you can shop.This plugin assist you discover these highly vetted healthy foods.

Water Tracker

Water tracker help you to keep track of what you intake.It is created by Fitbox.This tool help you when you are dehydrated.You need to put detail of pure water or beverages you have take during your day.Google account online dashboard track your water intake.


Planfit is an online platform.It assist people to designed personalized workout routines make for individual desires. It works like a virtual personal trainer supporting your fitness journey.The plugin uses your data to develop a custom workout plan that meets your helps you achieve your fitness aims.The plugin offers offers routine like fitness apps and health.


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