How this small Texas town became the Leap Year Capital of the World

Leap Year babies will find the ultimate birthday party here.

There is event taking place this year. Leap Day Feb 29 when we all gain 24 hours to do whatever we please.

Anthony Texas in El Paso County is famous as the Leap Year Capital of the World an honor it share with Anthony.

In 1988 Mary Ann Brown a Leap Year baby born in 1932 formed the Worldwide Leap Year Birthday Club and proposed to the Anthony Chamber of Commerce that the town claim the moniker LeaP Year Capital of the World.

The chamber agreed and sponsored a Leap Year festival that year.

The nickname became official when then Texas Gov. William B Clements and then New Mexico Gov. Garey Caruthers proclaimed it so.

It was read into the US Congressional Record on Oct 14, 1988.

I said it would get attention of those Leap Year People and beside that bring out all families and friends and relatives.

Town has hosted a Leap Day celebration every 4 years intending to throw Leap Year babies the final birthday party.

This year festival takes place Feb 29 through March 2 and includes a Feb 29 birthday dinner exclusively for Leaplings followed by 2 day festival at Anthony Municipal Park.

Past festivals have drawn one celebrity. English musician Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills and Nash brought his then wife and Leapling Susan Sennett to celebrate in 2000 treating her and others Leapling to a performance.

We are bringing back our Small Town spotlight series.

Today is fist installment of Season 2.

We will introduce you to some residents and bring stories that showcase the community. We give you sounds, sights and beauty of our small towns in region.

What El Paso Electric says you can do keep handle on bill

Few El Pasoans have reported seeing a large increase in electric bills. Various are wondering why their bills have climbed and what if anyting can be done.

We talked to El Paso Electric about what customers can do to keep handle on bills.

Melanie Valdez the supervisor of energy consulting for El Paso Electric said each household has various energy consumption demands.

Paloma Silva who lives on the East Side said her bill came out to $300 for January.

This is a big spike for her compared to what she was paying last year for same month which was between $80-$90.

Valdez said El Paso Electric offers various payments plans and options.

The Budget Billing plan helps customers pay their electricity bill by spreading the cost even over 12 months.They estimate a customer yearly average and divide it by 12 to determine their monthly payment according to El Paso Electric.

For low income residents there is low income Rider Plan. To qualify El Pasoans must have account with El Paso Electric under own name and possess a Lone Star card or have household annual income at below 125% of federal poverty level.

Valdez is urging those residents to call El Paso Electric so they have their account looked into. Valdez gave recommendation to save energy.

  • Lowering your thermostat in winter
  • Unplugging any unused devices while you are not at home
  • reach out the Energy Efficiency Department

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