How dangerous are food recalls?What we know:fda recalls soda: costco cheese recall:soft drink recall:potato recall 2024:recalled cucumbers

On Saturday the FDA Food and Drug Administration this year has removed more than 100 food and beverage products from market in violation of agency regulations.

This year eight food and beverage products among 108 recalled by FDA from January 1 May 31 caused harm or disease to one customer.

Eight food and beverage products again out of only 98 recalled were linked to negative or illness effects.

All recalls mean that food product have question mark could cause danger to customer only a large items on FDA warning list result in harm reaction.

Even when a recall is due to defect it does not mean that consumer have been affected food expert said. “Often issue is early enough to prevent widespread impact.

Only a little recalls actually result in documented illness. This is because not all customer may report mild or moderate symptoms.

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