Highest Paying Jobs for Graduates With a Biology Degree

A biology degree has various Jobs options.If you are pupils interested by study of living thing. Graduation in biology is a best option for them.


Biochemist play a major role in the rapid growing field of biochemical research and biotechnology.Biology study train them with scientific research skills, knowledge to design and execute studies.

Anatomy and physiology assists biochemist to understand the impact of biotechnology solutions and drugs solution on the human body.Writing skills and presentation growth as a biology major assist them to present and findings sources.The BLS reports says biochemists earned a median annual salary of $102000.

Biological Technician

Biological Technician use the techniques and laboratory skills that biology major learn in the labs,collaborative research and academic research faculty.Technician perform studies that gives correct results.They perform calculations and document results compiling report as a biology major.According to BLS biological technicians earned a median annual salary of $48000.

Financial Analyst

Financial analyst evaluate mutual funds, bonds, stock and investments for businesses and clients.Biology major can use their mathematical techniques to assess the success of investments.Most analyst focus on biology majors and specific industry work as analyst in biotechnology, enviromental companies, health services and medical product.

Financial analysts, like biology majors, computer based resources to analyze and data to draw results.A bachelor degree is enough for initiating career as a financial analyst.According to BLS reports financial analyst median annual salary of $81,000

Health Educator

Health educators teach people about behaviors and practices about promote wellness.They must be capable to solve difficult queries and interpret research about public health.They use the scientific method so they can design relevant programs.Health educators need a solid human biology as well as verbal skills to convey scientific information in a language that end user easily understand.

Health educator write about scientific topics like safe sex, stress reduction and substance abuse.They need strong written communication techniques.According to BLS Health Educator median annual salary is $48000.

Health and Medical Services Manager

Health and Medical Services Manager spend their time interactive with health service providers and able to talk with them about procedures and scientific policies.They must be able to translate scientific regulation related to medical programs and services.

Health and Medical Service providers often evaluate, supervise and hire health professional researchers.They must be able to understand the performances of employees and candidates.According to BLS median annual salary of health and Medical Service Managers is $101.

Genetic Counselor

Genetic Counselor assess the genetic makeup for communicate and clients makeup about the risk of transmitting a genetic disease. They might work with adults showing symptoms of genetic disorders.They must have an advanced aptitude in biology to complete the master degree in discipline.According to BLS genetic counselors earn a median annual salary of $80,000.


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