Elizabeth Hurley stars in UK trailer for erotic movie Strictly Confidential

101 Films has released a UK trailer for Strictly Confidential the feature of writer director Damian Hurley and star cast his mother actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley and Georgia Lock star in thriller with a sensational twist. On the anniversary of Rebecca death, Mia returns to Caribbean paradise where she and her best friend shared her final days.

Mia and set out to discloses the mysterious events of her passing old passion climb, new secrets are uncovered and Mia is put into world of sex and murder.

The erotic thriller shows Georgia Locks mia a young girl who find herself in seductive world of infidelity and murder while looking for answers on mysterious death of her best friend.

The cast of Strictly Confidential are Georgia Lock, Lauren McQueen, Freddie Thorp and Genevieve Gaunt.


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