ChatGPT vs Bing’s AI Chatbot: Top 10 Differences. Who is Better Bing AI or ChatGPT

OpenAI ChatGPT creating a miracle in modern era. Bing AI Chatbot is also competing to ChatGPT.ChatGPT and Bing AI Chatbot perform identical functions.Here are some top 10 differences in Bing and ChatGPT AI bot.

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Data Accuracy

ChatGPT has shown various cases of data inaccuracy.It carries limited data of even after 2021.It does not know its own release date.Microsoft did not train bing on limited information.It uses its search engine to get relevant data,timely about world events and general knowledge queries.Bing AI integrated search engine and language model produce more accurate and reliable data.Bing AI cites sources. It help users to double check fact checking.


Bing AI provide cross platform reach right from the start.its chat feature is available on Bing Website and Bing mobile app.You could use Bing Chat on skype by adding to your contacts.Bing AI is not run on third party browser like Google Chrome and Safari.You need to download microsoft edge.

ChatGPT major default is limited accessibility.It initialy had only a web app.Open AI released mobile version and official ios in mid 2023.


ChatGPT is a free various purpose chatbot.User can execute various tasks with the GPT 3.5 language model.ChatGPT plus was available for users up to $20 a month.ChatGPT was initially limited to US citizens.Now it is available globally. It runs on GPT-4 responds swiftly and priority access.

Bing AI first is running on GPT-4.Microsoft aims to monetize bing through ads the platform will stay free in future.

Sign up Process

Signing up for the newbing AI took time.The first users spent weeks on the waitlist before getting approved.Microsoft lifted the waitlist.User gain instant access after creating an email account and downloading microsoft edge.Signing up for ChatGPT is quite easy.Create an Open AI account, register for ChatGPT and get confirmation message.


Bing version of the chatbot is an AI powered search engine.The platform has more indexing, scanning AI chat feature.It act as both a chatbot and search engine.ChatGPT is a multipurpose chatbot.It can scans the huge from limited resources from which it was trained.This consist of business websites, wikipedia and publications.

Both ChatGPT and BingAI use generative pre trained transformer language models they are different platforms.Bing and ChatGPT execute same functions. With the correct prompt they could write essays, recap books and answer queries.

Security Measures

Bing AI bot faces cybersecurity risks.It compete them by implementing stricter limitations reducing the platform to suspicious activity.Conversation get end if you nominate any thing unusual.ChatGPt also faces some cybersecurity threats.Some criminals uses ChatGPT to write spam emails, build pishing links and develop malware.OpenAI ChatGPT developers works on security.

Token Limits

ChatGPT has a higher upper turn limit.It can process 3000 words per turn.Assuming they are all reated.Bing AI has a smaller limit.It uses 30 turns.You must start a new conversation.


ChatGPT has limited data sets. It runs on GPT 3.5.You can set custom instructions beforehand.ChatGPT will apply these to every conversation moving forward unless you instruct.Bing AI bot has a more advance LLM and vast dataset . It uses its search engine before replying.It gives you more accurate, reliable responses and up to date data.


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