4 Ways ChatGPT Read PDFs

Here are some methods to let the bot read PDFs.ChatGPT is an awesome tool that can do surprising things with text.It can do content writing, summarize articles, compose emails etc.It can be awkward when work with files like PDF format.Here are some easy way to read PDF

Copy Text from the PDF

If you have copy of the PDF on your computer than the best method is to simply copy the text you need from the PDF.

Convert the PDF into a Text Document

ChatGPT easily read text.AI Chatbot is a large language model (LLM).LLM are mega text databases that AI Chatbot uses to human like responses.PDF contains text that are not easy to edit.PDF into a more manageable format is easy.To work with chatGpt is difficult task.

There are various online PDF editors which convert PDF to text.GoogleDrive is a way to convert PDF format into a word format.if you use microsoft word then you can open and save as word document.The following steps take place below;

  • Open the word and browse to the folder where the document is stored.
  • If the document does not appear use the filetype drop down box and select PDF files from the options.
  • When you open the file you asked to convert the document press ok to proceed.
  • Word will now convert and open the file you can use save as command to save it as a word document
  • Once the chat is complete you can copy the text directly into ChatGPT and run prompts on it to get your desired results.

Install and Use an Extension

ChatGPT file uploader is a free to install chrome extension that permits you to upload any file including image files,PDFs,spreadsheets and word documents.This superb method is easy to use.

The steps are straightforward install the ChatGPT file uploader to your browser open ChatGPT and new upload button next to the message bar at the bottom.You only need to hit the button and choose the PDF you desire to upload.

Supply ChatGPT with a URL

ChatGPT can reference URL that you supply with it.If your PDF file is online getting ChatGPT to refer it is easy. You only need to know web address of the PDF you desire to reference.ChatGPT summarize the main points on the requested pages.So for huge documents it is best policy to break the task down into smaller parts.


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